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The Right Way to Apply for Internships

One of the many stressors in college involves getting a job or internship. Depending on your major, students start looking for internships their sophomore or junior year. The hope is that once you land an internship, you have the chance to turn that into a full-time job post-graduation.

There has been an extreme emphasis on the importance of getting an internship. The stigma that if you don’t get one, you will never get a job. With that in mind, I applied every single day to internships throughout Philadelphia just to hear that it was unpaid. People could say it is not about the money, but to go unpaid for the whole summer is a tough commitment. So, I waitressed for the third summer in a row. 

However, I think an important thing people need to remember, is that experience comes in many forms. Yes, it is always great to do something related to what you want to do after college, but there is something to be said about gaining other skills in an unrelated field. These types of skills are things that will help you stand out amongst others.

A smart thing to do before applying is visiting your college career center to make sure your resume is neat and precise. Don’t trust your computer’s spell-check program and, if possible, have someone else read it. The career center can also help you talk out your resume to find key points to emphasize in future interviews. I think it is important to include any special classes you took that you could apply to various positions. 

If you get the call for an interview, take the time to prep. Look on the companies website, take notes, and make sure you understand what they are looking for. This would be another time to visit the career center or even talk with your friends about the possible questions you could be asked. Obtaining an internship does not have to be very stressful, just use your resources wisely and work hard. You’ll never know what will happen in the future.  

I am a junior at Muhlenberg College and play on the Women's Basketball team. I love to hang out with my friends, family, and I have a ten year old golden retriever named Jake.
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