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Professors You’ll Have in College

College is completely different from high school. Classes are longer, there’s an assortment of different subjects, and we have a lot more freedom. Choosing a good professor is crucial when picking classes. Here are four professors that you will come in contact with at college.

The One Who Shares His/Her Life Story

This professor is generally great because instead of focusing the whole class on the subject matter, your professor will ramble about their life story, which can either be interesting or rather boring, but either way, it’s better than that math lesson you were expecting to learn. You’ll think “huh, professors actually have lives outside of the classroom!”

The Mentor

This is someone who you look up too. Their class is the most exciting, and you feel comfortable participating in discussions. This teacher is kind, but also knows how to put their students to work.

The One with Too Much Energy

When you roll out of bed for a Monday 8AM class, you expect the morning to be a quiet class. Instead, your teacher comes in acting like he just drank three cups of coffee. They are smiling and feeling extra enthusiastic about calling on people to solve the problems. Right as you are zoning out, this professor calls on you to read. Thus, you have a moment of panic when you totally realize that have no idea what page everyone else is on.

The One with The Most Homework

This professor loves to assign a ton of homework and tests that you’ll pull all-nighters for. This professor is really challenging, but when you’re done with the class, you’ll feel happy that your hard work paid off.

Lynsey Stanicki

Muhlenberg '21

My name is Lynsey Stanicki and I'm from New Jersey. I am a double major in Media/Communications and Theatre at Muhlenberg College. I also run my own podcast called A Work In Progress. Thank you for reading!
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