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Meet Our HC Muhlenberg Staff: Noy Messinger

Meet Noy Messinger— one of our talented writers at Her Campus Muhlenberg!

Name: Noy Messinger

Year: First Year (2021)

Major / Minor: English and History major, Dance minor

Hometown: New York, NY

Why did you join Her Campus Muhlenberg?

I joined Her Campus because I am passionate about writing and enjoy sharing my ideas with others. I also love broadening my knowledge by researching the topics I write about.

Favorite article you wrote for Her Campus Muhlenberg?

Seasonal Affective Disorder and Possible Treatments

Favorite spot on Muhlenberg?

Benches at Victor’s Lament

Your Java Joe’s Order?

Mocha Frappe with Whipped Cream

What are you most passionate about?

I am extremely passionate about dance. I have been dancing since I was two years old and was a participant in my high school’s performing arts dance program. I am also currently in Muhlenberg’s Dance Gallery Show. Additionally, I am passionate about history. I love learning about different cultures and discovering their pasts as well as information about my own heritage.

Lisha Rabeje

Muhlenberg '21

Muhlenberg '21. Psychology / Education.  "Injustice anywhere is a threat to justice everywhere." - Martin Luther King Jr.
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