Meet Our HC Muhlenberg Staff: Ali Senal

Meet Ali Senal -- the Editor-in-Chief and Campus Correspondent of Her Campus Muhlenberg!

Name: Ali Senal

Year: Senior (2018)

Major/ Minor: Double Major in Theatre and Jewish Studies

Hometown: Lindenhurst, NY

Why did you join Her Campus Muhlenberg?

I’ve been writing for HC since my sophomore year and I really enjoyed it as an outlet of expression. When asked by HC Nationals to relaunch the chapter for the fall of 2017, I jumped at the opportunity because I want others to have that chance to express themselves as well.

Favorite article you wrote for Her Campus Muhlenberg?

“Your 'Alternative Truths' Are a Form of Violence.” This piece was important for our campus and I was really honored to be able to write it.

Favorite spot at Muhlenberg?

Upstairs in the dining hall. I like people watching and it’s also a good place to do work. 

Your Java Joe’s Order?

Coconut milk latte with one pump of classic syrup (I’m a picky vegan).

What are you most passionate about?

I’m really passionate about being a positive energy in the world. I like bringing joy to the lives of others, but I also think it is important to take a stand speak up for what you know is right.