Khloe Kardashian's "Flat Tummy Tea" and Obsession Over Fad Diets

Last week, Khloe Kardashian came under fire for promoting Flat Tummy Tea, a controversial meal-replacement shake, on her Instagram. This isn’t the first time the Kardashians have received criticism for promoting an unhealthy slimming product. Last year, Kim Kardashian promoted appetite-suppressant lollipops. The majority of Khloe’s comments on her post are negative. Fans criticized how toxic Khloe and the entire Kardashian family are for young women. Actress, model, and activist, Jameela Jamil chimed in with a comment that went viral, receiving almost 180,000 likes. Her main argument was that Khloe was promoting this product and claiming that she actually uses it when, realistically, the Kardashians have resources that most people do not have to achieve their aesthetically-pleasing figures. Khloe has a personal trainer, chef, and a surgeon to achieve her aesthetic. In addition, Khloe is promoting a product that has a plethora of side effects without warning the public. This is harmful to her image, but more importantly, her fans who might try the product without knowing the negative side effects it has.

The main problem with the Kardashians promoting these fad diets is that they are not sustainable and put unrealistic expectations in the minds of young women who hope that they can achieve the “ideal” Kardashian hourglass figure. Fad diets, whether it be meal-replacement shakes or appetite-suppressant lollipops, are incredibly dangerous. They lack the proper nutrients to maintain adequate weight and do more harm than good. Fad diets give the promise that one can lose weight FAST when, in reality, there is no fast way to lose weight that is healthy for the body. Everyone knows the proper way to lose weight is a balanced diet and exercise. In addition, these ads put unrealistic expectations in the minds of young women who think they can achieve the Kardashian look when, realistically, it is highly unattainable. The Kardashians claim that they get their perfect physique by using their fat diet product. However, they glance over the fact that they have personal trainers, chefs, and surgeons that help them get their body.

It is harmful and disappointing that the Kardashians are promoting other alternatives to a healthy way to lose weight just for compensation. Khloe has yet to respond to the backlash surrounding her post, but she owes her fans an apology for promoting something as harmful as a meal-replacement shake.