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Interview Advice for Internship Season

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Muhlenberg chapter.

Since internship season is right around the corner, here are ten tips and tricks to keep in mind when networking and looking for possible career opportunities:  


Practicing potential questions and situations is the best way to get ready for an interview! Although you may not know the exact questions, the interviewer will ask you, coming up with a list of possible ones is a good way to start.  It may be best to recruit a friend to help you answer some questions and to help you practice eye contact and body language.


Be Prepared

Before going into an interview, be sure to do some research on the company. Going into the interview with minimal knowledge of what you are applying for may place you at a disadvantage. That being said, do some Google searching and slight stalking to figure out the position you are applying for, as well as the company or group that offers that internship. This way, you are more prepared to answer questions about the company if asked.  

Dress Accordingly

To be properly prepared for your interview, planning out an outfit the night before might be your best bet. That way, it takes off a load of unnecessary stress for the next day. Business casual is always the way to go!


Be On Time

Arrive at least 15-20 minutes before the scheduled time of your interview. By doing so, it will show the interviewer that you are keen on time and serious about the position.


Be Yourself

Don’t try to act like someone you are not! Act and respect the interviewer just like you would with any other professional.  

 Emphasize Skills and Accomplishments Relevant to the Internship

Interviewers like to see when you possess skills that are compatible with the internship position.  Emphasize those skills and give examples of how you have used them either in an academic or professional setting to show variety.  Try not to go off on tangents about skills or accomplishments that have no relevance to the internship you are applying for. The more you emphasize the skills that are relevant to the internship, the more the interviewer will be impressed and willing to speak more about those skills and accomplishments.  


Emphasize Positive Qualities and Skills

Show the interviewer all of the positive qualities that you possess!  Share with them the necessary and positive attributes that have led you to apply for this internship and how they have been used in other settings.  For example, if you are asked the question of “What do you consider to be some of your strengths and weaknesses?” try to focus more on the strengths rather than weaknesses.  When you mention weaknesses, follow up with an explanation of how you are trying to improve upon that weakness or pair it with a strength that you exert.


Prepare Questions and Bring Your Resume

Whether they may be in the back of your mind or on a small sheet of paper, interviewers appreciate when you have questions!  Don’t hesitate to ask questions! Some questions you can ask are: “What do day-to-day responsibilities look like for intern?” or “What are the next steps in the interview process?” Additionally, if they ask for a copy of your resume, bring it! If they don’t ask, it’s usually good to have a copy of it in the event that they do!  


End with Confidence

Confidence is key! Thank the interviewer for taking time out of their day to speak with you, and tell them you will be in touch with them about next steps in the interview process. This way, they know that you have a serious interest in the position.  


Proactively Follow-up with a Thank You Note or Email

Following the previous step, ALWAYS follow up with an email or personalized thank you note. Interviewers appreciate when you take the time to personally thank them for taking time out of their day to speak with you.

Abigail Markhoff

Muhlenberg '20

I am currently a junior at Muhlenberg College and am from Westchester, NY. I will be graduating as an English major and Political Science minor next fall and am a member of the women’s lacrosse team. Hope you enjoy my writing!