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How to Live Your Best Life Using the Law of Attraction

The Law of Attraction indicates that what you put out into the world is what you will receive. For example, if you exchange positive energy with others, that is what you will receive. Psychological studies have proven that positive affirmations bring positivity into one’s life. According to a study conducted at the University of Exeter, “people who consistently tell themselves that they can meet a goal are more likely to secure a positive outcome.” So, if you focus on the positive, you will receive positivity. But, if you focus on the negative, you will receive negativity.

So, how can you instill the Law of Attraction in your own life? Here are some ways to envision the life you have always wanted:

Gratitude Journal

It has been scientifically proven that gratitude journals help one live a purposeful life. By focusing on the positivity in your day, your stress significantly reduces, and you are able to concentrate on achieving your goals. At the end of every day, write down a few things that made you happy. It can be anything: small or big.

Dream Board

Creating a dream board is simple. Cut out pictures and words that symbolize your goals and paste them on a board. Hang the board somewhere where you will see it every day. By visualizing your dreams and goals, you will be more likely to achieve them.

Spread Positivity

Give compliments, smile, laugh, and praise other’s accomplishments! This is the basis of the Law of Attraction. By doing these things, you will most likely receive this energy in return. Carry out random acts of kindness like buying your friend a coffee. You’ll feel better knowing that you made someone’s day.

With that said, good luck on your journey to living a fulfilling, positive, and successful life. Instilling the Law of Attraction in your life isn’t an overnight process, but once you start living in a way that reflects your goals, you will be an overall happier person.

Emily Garber

Muhlenberg '21

Muhlenberg College Content Editor
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