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This last week of finals can be stressful for any college student. It’s about that time of the year when everyone is ready for a break. However, if you’re like me and still feel the need to keep yourself occupied this summer, here are a few ways you can stay productive this summer while still taking a much needed vacation:


Now, this may be the most obvious thing to do during the summer, but as exhausting as college life is, rest is probably the most essential thing you can give to yourself during your few months of relaxation. Lack of sleep can also have tremendous physical and psychological consequences in your body. Make use of your free time this summer and gain back some of those lost hours of sleep.

Get a summer job

College is the best time to develop a foundation for your professional career through internships and jobs opportunities in your field of interest. Take the opportunity during your extensive break to explore the fields your passionate while earning some extra money for the new school year.

Take a summer course

If you don’t have a job or an internship during the summer, taking a college-level course is the perfect way to gain professional experience in your field of interest, learn new things, and get ahead in your studies. Check out some of your local universities or community colleges in your area and see if they have any course for the summer that would be beneficial to your college experience

Continue your extracurricular activities over the summer

Although you academics might have to take a break this summer, this doesn’t mean that you can’t continue the participate in your club or activity. Even if the organization you spend most of your time in during the year is “off-season,” take some time to plan out some ideas you might have for the upcoming year. This way you can still continue to be productive within your organization while taking a much needed break.


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