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How To Get Back on Your Grind After Winter Break

Returning back to school after winter break can be difficult, as we must say goodbye to being able to sleep in and having time to relax. The cold weather can make it even more difficult to want to come back to campus, but don’t get stuck in the winter blues! Here are some simple ways to keep you motivated and to help you start the semester off strong.

Start Off The Semester With A Clean Room

Coming back to a clean and organized room is the best way to help you conquer the new semester! Having a clean space to study and relax is essential as you ease into the new semester. Clear your desk and drawers of all your old schoolwork in order to create space. Also, be sure to set time aside every week to clean and organize your room. I promise that you’ll feel so much better and relieved after doing so.

Plan a Schedule/Routine

Before the semester begins, be sure to create a schedule so that you can physically map out your day. Setting a daily routine will also help you stay on top of your school work, and it will allow you to adjust more easily to a new routine after a long break.

Join a Club

It’s a new year and new semester, so it’s time to try something new! Join a new club or attend weekly workout classes such a yoga or pilates. Adding something new to your routine can make your day more fun, and it is also a great opportunity to meet new people. So, what are you waiting for?

Find Your Study Space

After a long break, the same place you may have studied at for the entire semester may not work for you anymore. Therefore, it’s time to find a new study space. It can be as minor as moving a couple desks down or simply working in a completely new environment. Personally, I used to enjoy working in a private study room with friends while having music playing in the background. However, lately, I have enjoyed working alone in my room while listening to podcasts. Recently, some of my favorite podcasts to listen to are Pretty Basic and Gals on the Go on Spotify.

I hope you found these tips on staying motivated and getting back on the grind useful! Good luck with the new semester!


Yanet Ocampo


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