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Her Campus is Not Just for Women

The name “Her Campus” seems daunting to some that don’t identify with the “she, her, hers,” pronouns, but should it be? Her Campus at Muhlenberg is not an online platform created solely for females. Males and gender non-conforming folks should be checking out this awesome site as well! Everyone can benefit from even skimming over a fellow student’s Her Campus article. Here are a few reasons why:

The content we publish isn’t always about “girl issues.”

Contrary to what some might believe, we publish articles that are meant for everyone. There are multitudes of different categories and columns. This includes sports, entertainment, art, self-care, social life, and many more. These topics should be of interest to anyone and everyone.

The stuff that may be considered girl issues can actually pertain to you, too!

SO many things that are published on Her Campus are written for men to read. Sure, some may be complaining about the things that confuse us women, but a lot of them are thanking you for the things you do in your everyday life.  In addition, some articles can be pretty useful in discovering more about us women! A lot of writers like to describe how their mind works, why they act as they do, and what they hope for the most. These things can be taken into account, and can definitely benefit some people other than women!

Men can give women valuable input on their articles.

If women do choose to write with the idea of men in mind, they need accurate information. Displaying inaccurate material can be harmful to readers. For example, if a woman writes about what a man thinks while looking at pizza, and she says “they think of cats”, but a man reads the article and does not think of cats while looking at pizza, that woman can benefit from helpful criticism. It will make her article better, and will help her readers to understand what men think about while looking at pizza!
Her Campus is not simply at online magazine targeted at women. It is for all people to enjoy. Men can certainly reap the benefits while reading these articles just as much as women do! Make sure to check us out and we are always looking for people of any gender to join our team.
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