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The Great Debate: Apple Music vs Spotify Premium

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Muhlenberg chapter.

There has been an ongoing debate between which music platform is better: Spotify or Apple Music?  In all honesty, the two music platforms are fairly similar.

They both cater to college students, offering a student discount from the usual $9.99 monthly price to a $4.99 monthly price. Both have accessibility to a large variety of music as well. Just search up your favorite artist or song and POOF – endless songs and playlists for you to choose from!

The debate over these two platforms is less about the music itself, but the accessibility to personalized playlists. On both platforms, you can obviously create your own playlists, but these services now create playlists custom for you. Playlists like “Chill Mix”, “New Music Mix” and “Favorites Mix” are examples of playlists that you can find on your Apple Music account. However, the argument in favor of Spotify is that their database creates more than just three playlists for you. They can be organized by week and genre of what you’ve listened to most recently and frequently.

I think, however, that whichever platform you use is the one you’ll prefer regardless of the facts. Regardless of personal opinion, I think that the two platforms are fairly similar in their functions and purpose. Yet, they’re both great options for music platforms where you can listen to all your favorite songs. Check them out for yourself!  

Jordyn Kamis

Muhlenberg '21