Is Fashion Just a Cycle?

Thanks to the help of magazines, social media, and news outlets; we are always kept up to date on the latest fashion trends. Sometimes we think specific clothing goes out of style. Therefore we are always trying to keep ourselves refreshed on what clothes, makeup, and shoes are currently “in style.” What if waiting for the next trend to come out wasn’t a mystery each season? What if it could be predicted? What if fashion itself is just a whole cycle?

In most cases, this can be held true. Most fashion trends run in twenty-year cycles. Maybe it’s because our generation spends plenty of their free time watching “Friends” on Netflix or just because it's about time these lifelong styles are brought back to our current season---especially this fall.

For example, the current love for denim and corduroy skirts recently isn’t some new trend pulled out of the sky, it is from the 90s! These sleek skirts make anyone’s body look flattering. Their high-waisted qualities provide comfort, giving anyone a quick boost of confidence when popping one on (thank god they are back in style). Throwing on a cute cropped top and a denim/corduroy skirt can always be a simple yet stylish outfit is created.

Another 90s trend we can't seem to live without is flannels (yes, they are from the 90s). Whether you remember an old photo of your mother wearing a cute baggy one in college or seeing them on any 90s TV show, these fuzzy things are sure to make their way into your current fall wardrobe. There is no doubt the flannel pattern itself has advanced into current trends as well, from patterned flannel shirts, leggings, or bags, the cute pattern is an essential pop to most fall looks--especially the warm and fuzzy flannels to wear around a bonfire on a crisp fall day.

This trend may be hard to believe, but the subtle use of neon accents in clothing is coming from no other than the 90s. Kylie Jenner is a prime example of this comeback, wearing a cute white, baggy top and an eye-popping accent of some bright purple boots. Whether its jewelry, nails, or some other smaller accent too, adding a pop of color to a mainly neutral toned outfit is a great way to spice up your look!