Come Participate in HC Muhlenberg's Clothing Swap!

Muhlenberg Her Campus will be participating in EnACT’s Earth Day celebration this year on Friday, April 20th. Her Campus will be tabling a clothing swap in Parents Plaza between 11am and 4pm

Please stop by and participate in our clothing swap! In order to “swap” an item of clothing, you must bring an item of clothing that you were planning to give away anyway (and there’s no limit on how many items you can bring), to swap it with something else on the table. If you don’t want to swap an item from your closet, each item on our table is $2. Our goal is to end the day with no clothes left, but in the case that we have leftover clothes, they will be going to Goodwill. If you don’t want to swap, but just want to donate clothes to a good cause, we are happy to accept any donations.  

The reason Her Campus is having a clothing swap is to promote textile and clothing recycling. Textile recycling encourages us to take advantage of the to opportunity reuse clothing. Through the reuse of clothes and textiles, we can avoid pollution and energy-intensive production of new clothing. It’s important not to throw out our clothes, but find fun ways to reuse and recycle them. For example, selling your clothes on an smartphone app, donating to Goodwill or your local thrift store, or participating in a clothing swap, like ours are all amazing ways to recycle your clothes. 

We hope you stop by to learn about Her Campus, textile waste, and swap an item of clothing with us! See you on Earth Day!