The Zodiac Signs as Mount Holyoke Residence Halls

Whether or not you believe in the validity of astrology, it’s always fun reading those “The Signs As…” lists online. If you are unfamiliar with the concept, essentially, each zodiac sign is associated with certain traits and attributes. Using those common traits, you can then compare the zodiac signs to different things such as foods, locations, and activities. The following is a list of the signs as Mount Holyoke residence halls, as well as a brief explanation as to why I’ve paired each residence hall and sign. As always, astrology is purely meant to be fun, and other people may have different opinions as to which residence halls and signs should have been paired. Unfortunately, I was not able to include every single residence hall on this list since there are more residence halls than there are zodiac signs.


Aries (21 March - 20 April): Torrey

Aries are often associated with being adventurous, outgoing, and athletic. Due to Torrey’s close proximity to Kendall Gym, it’s a popular residence hall for athletes. Though Torrey isn’t known as one of the more ornate residence halls, it is beautiful in its minimalism. Much like Torrey, Aries aren’t typically known to fuss over appearances, preferring function over fashion. Aries tend to be very dedicated as well; Torrey is located right by the academic buildings, making it perfect for those dedicated and studious students who wish to remain close to these buildings.


Taurus (21 April - 21 May): Brigham

Taurus is a pretty laid-back, quiet sign. Similarly, Brigham is a laid-back, quiet residence hall. People with their sun sign in Taurus typically aren’t fond of being the center of attention, and are occasionally on the quieter side. However, Taurus signs usually care very deeply about appearances. Despite being a residence hall that might be overlooked by more outgoing individuals, Brigham is beautiful, inside and out. It is also warm and cozy inside, with small but comfortable rooms, which is fitting considering Taurus is sometimes considered to be a warm and nurturing sign.


Gemini (22 May - 21 June): North and South Mandelles

Gemini are often talented in speaking, writing, and anything to do with language which is why the Delles are fitting, as the home of the language LLCs. Gemini tend to be very social and outgoing, even if they’re on the more introverted side. Those who live in the Delles tend to be fond of parties and socializing with friends, something most Gemini enjoy. It is also fitting that the Delles are technically two residence halls in one, since Gemini is represented by the Twins in the Zodiac. Though the Delles are on the outskirts of campus, they are extremely well-known throughout campus because of their fun parties. Gemini, much like the Delles, may sometimes seem like outsiders at first, but they are always warm and welcoming of others.


Cancer (22 June - 22 July): Creighton

Cancer is known for being a loving and emotional sign. Creighton is a beloved residence hall on campus because of its more modern feeling. With its beautiful fireplaces that students enjoy and its clean and modern aesthetic, students absolutely adore this residence hall for its warmth and character like Cancers.


Leo (23 July - 21 August): Safford

Leos are usually fun-loving and energetic. Leos tend to be very likeable and popular because of their amazing personalities. Safford is one of the most loved dorms on campus due to its Golden Pear, close proximity to academic buildings and Blanch, and its beautiful structure. Just like Leo, Safford is popular and likeable because of its many amazing traits.


Virgo (22 August - 23 September) : 1837

Virgos tend to be rather shy, and sometimes they are overlooked by some of the other more extroverted signs. 1837 is a hidden gem just like Virgos. Sometimes Virgos are judged harshly by some of the other signs in the Zodiac, just like some people unfairly judge 1837. Virgos tend to be very practical and particular, much like 1837 is. 1837 is not a particularly fancy dorm, but it is very practical and simple. Beneath Virgos’ surface, they are very caring. Much like Virgo, 1837’s amazing traits are sometimes hidden or overlooked, such as its beautiful view of the lake.


Libra (24 September - 23 October): North and South Rockefeller

Libra is a very social, outgoing zodiac sign. Libras tend to like to party, too. The Rockies tend to attract people who want to live somewhere where they can party and meet new friends. Right next door to Rockies is Chapin Auditorium, the location of many organized parties and events. So, Rockies is a great place to live if you want to be in the center of campus social life! Considering Libras are often socialites, the Rockies represent them perfectly.


Scorpio (24 October - 22 November): Wilder

Scorpios have the tendency to be mysterious. Wilder is very well-known for the myth of the Wilder ghost, which is spooky and mysterious like Scorpio. There are even some people who refuse to live in Wilder because of the spooky stories that surround it. However, both Wilder and Scorpio are a bit misunderstood. Though Scorpios can certainly be aloof and mysterious, just like Wilder can be creepy, Scorpios have a hidden sensitive side to them, and Wilder, once you get past the horror stories, is a quaint little residence hall.


Sagittarius (23 November - 22 December): Ham/MacGregor

Sagittarius is an outgoing, social sign. They like to have a good time and make friends. Ham/MacGregor houses a lot more students than many of the other residence halls, and the first-years in MacGregor tend to be very outgoing and eager to interact with their hall mates. Sagittarius loves change and adventure, and nothing says “change” more than moving into a residence hall for the very first time. For the majority of the residents in Ham/MacGregor, they are going through a time of great change in their life, and they accept that change with optimism and excitement.


Capricorn (23 December - 20 January): Porter

Capricorns tend to be intelligent and disciplined. Porter is a bit of a mix between a residence hall, faculty offices, and classrooms. Perhaps those who want to live in Porter are drawn to the academic environment. Capricorns tend to be rather no-nonsense, and tend to not be quite as outgoing as some of the other signs in the Zodiac. Since Porter is partially an academic building, things like loud parties are practically nonexistent, making it one of the “less outgoing” resident halls on campus.


Aquarius (21 January - 19 February): Pearsons

Aquarius is a bit of a wildcard in the zodiac. They are very imaginative and unique. Pearsons is a unique residence hall since it is located across the street from the rest of campus, and it is known for its possibly haunted basement. Aquarius tend to be very inventive and march to the beat of their own drum. Residents of Pearsons tend to like the freedom that comes with living right across the street from campus.


Pisces (20 February - 20 March): Abbey/Buckland

Pisces are typically very sweet, emotional, and kind people. Abbey/Buckland is the home of Sunday Brunch, where sweet crepes are often served. Abbey/Buck tends to be a warm, welcoming environment where the student body can come together, especially during those brunches. Pisces is a very loving sign that just wants everyone to get along and care for one another.


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