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What My Socially Distanced Winter Break Looked Like

After a very tiring first semester of online learning, winter break was a welcome period of time off. Of course, unlike other winter breaks in the past, this one was different because we are still in a pandemic. So I decided to find joy in the little things and do the things I could do to have a relaxing and enjoyable break. 


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Cooking and baking have been keeping me sane during this pandemic and I utilized this break to try recipes that I have wanted to for a while. I made some Pinterest-worthy pancake cereal, and while it does take longer to make, it is a very cute idea that I had fun making. I also made some chocolate chip cookies with brown sugar and even made pasta from scratch. This was a great way for me to spend time with my family and get creative. 


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Watching TV shows, movies and reading were a big part of how I spent my break. I really enjoyed watching some newer releases on Netflix and a few holiday movies. I found myself increasingly watching more foreign language shows than I have ever before and some of them are now on my favorites list. Some of my recommendations include Lupin, Bridgerton and Call My Agent. I also rewatched a lot of shows and started watching Grey’s Anatomy for the first time. 

This pandemic has been isolating in so many ways, so talking to my friends was  something that really kept me going. I also visited an art gallery (socially distanced, of course) to see a great photography exhibition. But after all this I still had a lot of free time, so I am now all caught up on the theories behind Olivia Rodrigo’s song “driver’s license.” 

While this break was great, it is oddly nice to have something to do and I am excited for what this semester will bring. Thanks for reading this far on my little update of what I've been up to and I hope everyone had a safe break! 


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Imaane Patel

Mt Holyoke '24

Hi! I'm Imaane, a freshman at Mount Holyoke College. I enjoy photography, listening to music and binge watching tv shows amongst other things.
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