TOP 5: Best Dorms at MHC

(photos courtesy of Mount Holyoke)


There are eighteen residence halls at Mount Holyoke College, but not all of them have dining halls and not all of them are for traditional students. Dickinson Hall has been transformed into a dorm for Frances Perkins Scholars, students from our non-traditional age program. Brigham Hall has been designated as the quiet dorm. Abbey and Buckland Halls share a dining hall, while Pearsons Hall’s dining area has been transformed into a larger common room. All these little differences make up the places that we, the students, call our home away from home. Though, there are some dorms that are better than others. This is Her Campus’s list of the Top 5 Dorms at Mount Holyoke.



Wilder Hall is probably one of the best dorms on campus, if not the best. This hall, built in 1899, sits on Skinner Green, has spacious rooms, beautiful common rooms, and a dining hall. One of the best things about this dorm is its decor and the old time feel that the building still maintains, while surrounded by newer buildings and an expanding campus. The downsides to this dorm? The dining hall is the Kosher/Halal dining hall so there are meat days and dairy days, where there are meat free meals and no dairy products are served. The fourth floor is also said to be haunted, but people have yet to prove this tale. However, these downsides are definitely negated because of its proximity to the Blanchard Campus Center.




Creighton was once called New Dorm for its first couple of years or so, but was soon named after the 17th president of Mount Holyoke College. With its North and South sides, this hall easily holds many students with singles, doubles, as well as suites. Built in 2008, Creighton is the first new dorm built in 40 years. They built this stunning edifice to be the first specifically eco-friendly, green residence hall. Students especially love the spacious common areas that feature a game room, luxurious tv room, and adjustable thermostats in each room. The worst thing about this dorm would have to be its distance from all the other buildings, especially the academic buildings, on campus, except for Pratt Hall.




1837 Hall, named after the year that Mount Holyoke was founded, is commonly known as 18 among students. While 18 is not the prettiest dorm on campus, its beautiful view of Lower Lake certainly makes up for its 1960s interior decor and somewhat terrifying basement. Nearly every room has a lakeside view along with lots of space on the inside, which includes walk in closets for each person. The apartments downstairs are also said to have spacious rooms and a kitchenette. 1837 is also located next to Prospect, arguably the best dining hall on campus.




Safford Hall, built two years before Wilder Hall, has been called one of the most beautiful dorms on campus, as well as one of the most convenient dorms. Located in the heart of campus, Safford is only a couple minutes walk away from Blanchard Campus Center, the library, and other academic buildings. Corner rooms are said to be the largest rooms in the entire dorm, but many go for the singles. The biggest con of this dorm is the lack of an elevator. However, Safford has only three floors and a dumbwaiter. In the basement, you’ll find the Office of Residential Life and the Ombudsperson.




Ham Hall was named after one of Mount Holyoke’s presidents, Roswell G. Ham. This dorm was renovated in 2007, and while it is not the prettiest dorm on campus, its features make up for it. Sitting near Upper Lake, there are magnificent views as well as a trail that wraps around the lake and passes by Ham Hall. Six floors high, Ham Hall can easily house 150 students. The dorm also provides a dining hall that has soft serve ice cream at every meal. Its closeness to the Health Center, Equestrian Center, and Kendall Sports and Dance Complex makes it ideal for athletes. The downside of this hall would have to be its distance from academic buildings, administrative offices, and the campus center.


My absolute favorite dorm is Wilder Hall, but I may be a little biased since I live there. The best dorm on campus is always a hot topic for debate at Mount Holyoke because of all the different pros and cons of each residence hall. We would love to know your favorite dorms and why. Let us know in the comments section!