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Mount Holyoke Fashion Trends

I can spot a Mount Holyoker from a mile away. They’ve got their knitting, the short baby bangs, their oversized sweaters, baggy mom jeans, stripped or button shirt, and of course: clogs. While the fashion trends at Mount Holyoke vary from season to season, year to year, you will always find that Mount Holyoke students know how to dress comfortably, while still adding their unique flare to their outfits.

A common staple you’ll find in many Mount Holyoke drawers is The Flannel. The flannel shirt not only keeps you warm, but you can get it in a variety of colors, and they’re relatively cheap. You can wear your flannel alone, or with an undershirt. You can dress your flannel down, and that’s pretty much it. I’ve never seen a fancy flannel.

Typically Mount Holyoke students like to stay cozy, so that’s why you’ll see a ton of people wearing oversized mom jeans on campus. Jeans keep your legs warm, while making you look put together. However, sometimes jeans can get tight and annoying, so, instead, Mount Holyoke students wear oversized mom jeans. Not only do they come in at the waist to give your body a defined feature, but they’re also extremely comfortable — you can wear them all day!

The button up is, arguably, worn all year around. Much like the flannel (a button up cousin), the button up can be short sleeved, long sleeved, patterned, or basic. It is a versatile way to dress up your wardrobe. Wearing t-shirts can sometimes be too informal. Button ups are always a way to wear a nice cotton shirt with breathability, or to stay warm, while still looking stylish.

Another quintessential fashion trend at Mount Holyoke is unique hairstyles. The most “I’m from Mount Holyoke” look is the Moho Chop (short chin length, or shorter hair), and ultra short bangs, or one or the other.

For footwear, Mount Holyoke students are always seen wearing “ugly shoes”. These are shoes like birkenstocks, flip flops, and most of all, clogs. Clogs have been becoming increasingly more popular amongst students. It was rumored that clogs were first worn amongst the Equestrian team, and the trend populated and trickled throughout the school. Clogs are so quintessentially Mount Holyoke, someone even runs an instagram called “Clogs of Mount Holyoke”.However, no matter your style, Mount Holyoke is a place of welcome and warmth. Whether you wear your clogs everywhere, or you have over twenty flannel shirts, your fashion is unique and should always reflect your inner self.


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My name is Victoria and I am a singer/songwriter and physics enthusiast from Pleasantville, NY. I am a first year currently studying Music and Physics at Mount Holyoke College. I run for the Cross Country and Track team, and I am a big proponent of Halloween, Harry Potter, music, tea, and art.
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