Mandy Ryan '17

Name: Mandy Ryan

Major: Biology Major (Geography Minor)

Class year: Senior

Hometown: Brimfield, Massachusetts


How do you feel about being a senior?

Excited! I’m really overwhelmed, though, with grad-school applications. They’re all done, so that’s great! I’m glad I took my junior year to get all of my dental school applications over with, but it’s still stressful regardless to await for my final decisions. It’s surreal because I still feel like freshman year was yesterday. It went by so fast! Although I do have to say that in my time at Mount Holyoke so much growth occurred. I heard this awesome quote once that said “the days are long, but the years are short.” That really resonated with me and I think all Mount Holyoke seniors can agree with me on that; in the heat of the stress our minds can at times feel like they’re about to burst, but when you look back everything feels like it just flew by. I’m excited to graduate and move on to bigger and better things, but I also love looking back at my past years here and seeing how much I have changed and grown because of this place.


What do you want to do post-graduation?

Next year at this time I will be in dental school. I know that I will be a student doctor studying to become a dentist.


Do you know where you will be going to grad-school?

I do not know yet. I am still interviewing and waiting to hear back. In total I have applied to 12 schools, all of them along the east coast. Among them are Boston University, Tufts, University of Connecticut, Columbia University, NYU, etc. I’ve already interviewed at the University of New England in Maine. I feel like it went well so I’m hoping for the best! I have two more interviews coming up at Nova Southeastern in Florida and then Boston University. I’m really really excited for those to come up! The others will be throughout the remainder of the year so I’m really excited for those as well.


What was the most stressful things about applications?

The organization for sure! I had to have everything in line and make sure that my personal statement was perfect. Also the DAT (Dental Admissions Test) was really stressful. Basically after you completed one thing you were totally bombarded with another. I never had a break. I’m happy that I’m done with it- now I just have to anxiously wait.


What are you most excited about for grad-school?

I think it would have to be working in a real lab. I will work with a team under a general or specialty dentist where I will have my own cases to work on. I got to spend my summer interning in London getting the jist of it, but I can’t wait until I get to work with actual patients! Also, I’ve always wanted to work with high speed hand drills to make me really feel like a professional dentist.


How has Mount Holyoke prepared you for life after college?

I have had a lot of support from professors and staff who have helped me grow into a strong and independent woman that will succeed in dental school. Also, the incredible inclusivity and sense of community is something that has really helped me become more open-minded and understanding of the world around me!   


What is one thing will you miss most about Mount Holyoke?

My friends for sure! The friendships and relationships I have formed at Mount Holyoke are incredible. Most of my friends are from different countries so I really don't know the next time I will see them.


What’s one piece of advice you would give to other Mount Holyoke students looking to pursue the field of Dentistry?

Never give up! There are many times I questioned whether or not I could actually do it. If you just keep persevering though and trying your hardest I promise you are going to get there. It's hard work and I know it's not easy. Pre-Dent is one of the most challenging things you're ever going to do until actual dental school. However, with the help of teachers, friends, and your own will to succeed you can get there!



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