Laugh All Day to Keep Stress at Bay!

Finals can be stressful as it is, but then you have to think about the end of school, packing up for summer break, using up all of your dining dollars, finding storage units, it can all seem so daunting. There are times I simply want to just go back home and bundle up in my covers and SCREAM! But, I know that there are many more productive ways to handle my stress. I especially love to joke with friends or laugh from a funny movie when I’m under copious amounts of stress. The one nice thing though about being stressed over finals is that everyone else on campus is too, and if you aren’t then bless your soul and teach me how not to be either! However, we can’t be all peppy and happy all the time, so sometimes just looking at funny photos for me does the trick to cure my finals' blues. Especially if they're accurate like these ones….

As a freshman I've heard a multitude of stories about finals, ESPECIALLY about the library! I never really understood how demanding finals were as I was quite sheltered from the depressing reality of them in high school. First of all, most students studied at their homes so you never really got to see how emotionally and physically draining exams were for them; in college though, that is an entirely different story. Especially at Mount Holyoke, it’s common to see students brushing their teeth in the library bathrooms, inhaling too much caffeine from Rao’s, and turning the library reading nooks and couches into sleeping spots. In addition to all of this, the library also becomes a madhouse! It seems as though every single MoHo migrates on over to the library, even students that haven’t stepped foot in it all semester, and Williston becomes as lit as Coachella. I can tell you as a spring admit who has never seen Mount Holyoke finals I will most definitely be dropping by just to get to check out the madness for myself. But don’t fret if you are a finals library addict; I have a compilation of hilariously real photos of the feels you all probably get during finals week in the library. Maybe it could even inspire you to pick some new sleeping spots?

Professors during finals week can be a real pain in the butt. They continue to pile on assignment after assignment even though they very well know how stressed we are just prepping for their final. To make it even worse all professors believe in the philosophy of not giving students a break to study, so we end up having four to five classes worth of assignments that just never stop! I swear, it can make you feel like you are going to explode. But, if it’s any consolation, we are all going through it unfortunately. Don’t be afraid to vent out to your friends, or even your professor, about your frustrations. I promise, you will feel a huge weight lifted off of your shoulders once you do so. Meanwhile, though, take a nice laugh at these photos….. If only it wasn’t like this in real life then maybe we wouldn’t be as stressed.

But despite all of the struggles of finals exams, I want you to motivate yourself to conquer them! Don’t allow the stresses of college to rule over your life. For most of us this will be our last time on campus until fall semester, so we shouldn’t make our departure a negative one. Take some time to meditate, relax, and find a better mindset, because if it means anything coming from me, I know that you can do it! Conquer it, crush it, and be victorious :)


Make it a goal of yours to walk out of your final as happy as this dog!


Or if you’re more of a cat person…..

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