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5 Cool Things About Declaring Your Major at Mount Holyoke College

Coming into Mount Holyoke College, I was pretty certain of what I wanted my major to be, however, it didn’t mean that I was any less stressed about declaring it. Despite this, I was extremely excited. In fact, I declared last week, and am now officially an International Relations and English double major. Here are a few cool things about declaring your major in Mount Holyoke:

1. You get to take a picture with Mary Lyon anywhere (on campus) you want

Here’s me posing with Mary Lyon. Well, it isn’t exactly Mary Lyon, but it is a signboard with a picture of her, which is close enough! The board reads, “I just declared my major at MHC,” and despite the fact that it was raining heavily and I managed to get myself and the signboard drenched (even with my umbrella), it was an unforgettable moment.

2. You get a badge of your choice from the registrar, all of which are really cute

There’s a variety of different badges and some are even in your class colors like my Green Griffin one above! And because I declared a double major, I had the chance to get two.

3. You get to choose your own advisors

Perhaps you’ve wanted a different advisor your entire freshman and part of your sophomore year. Well, this is the time you get to change it to a professor who knows you well or one who you believe will be able to guide you in your academic discipline well. The entire Mount Holyoke faculty is extremely helpful, but having an advisor who understands you and your interests is really important.

4. More opportunities!

With your major declared, you open yourself up to many more opportunities because you’re focusing on a specific discipline (or two) and your advisors will have a lot of knowledge in that field to help you.

5. The flexibility

Although it is better for you to be certain of your major before you declare it, there is always a possibility for you to change it or go back on your decision. Either way, you shouldn’t rush the process, but you don’t have to be extremely stressed about it either. So if you don’t know what to major in yet, take your time and don’t stress yourself out! You’ll discover your interests in no time and when you do, you’ll have a wide range of facilities and helpful faculty accessible to you. In the meantime, make sure to enjoy the opportunities you have at Mount Holyoke!

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