25 Procrastination Ideas

Disclaimer: This article is meant to be for entertainment purposes only and not meant to be taken seriously. Don’t try some of these. While procrastinating from time to time is normal for any college student, please don’t neglect to do your work.

Sometimes doing homework sucks. Between readings, essays, lab reports, projects, and more, it can sometimes feel like we never have time to do anything besides work, work, work. That’s when you know it’s time to procrastinate! While scrolling through Twitter or your crush’s Instagram feed might seem like a fun idea, that can get boring quickly. And if you’re bored while procrastinating, you aren’t doing it right. So, here are 25 procrastination ideas to occupy your time while avoiding your homework.

  1. Draw a picture.

  2. Write a poem.

  3. Clean your room.

  4. Invite your friends over for a mini-party.

  5. Read a book that you enjoy.

  1. Have dinner at Iya.

  2. Take the PVTA to Northampton or Amherst for a day trip.

  3. Buy some succulents.

  4. Watch a YouTube documentary on conspiracy theories.

  5. Write an old-fashioned letter and send it to one of your friends.

  1. Make yourself some popcorn. (Please don’t set off the fire alarm, though.)

  2. Learn calligraphy.

  3. Talk to the CDC about your career goals of world domination.

  4. Dye your hair.

  5. Host a tea party for your stuffed animals.

  1. Fly a kite.

  2. Tame Jorge.

  3. Mud-wrestle on Skinner Green.

  4. Analyze your crush’s astrological chart.

  5. Combine all of the drinks in the soda machine in Super Blanch and dare your friends to drink it

  1. Book a plane ticket for a surprise study abroad trip.

  2. Learn Sindarin Elvish for your Language Requirement.

  3. Trade places with a Smith student for the day.

  4. Go ghost-hunting in Wilder.

  5. Take a nap.

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With these ideas, you’ll never experience boredom while procrastinating again! But, no matter what you decide to do, we all know that it’ll be better than homework! Happy belated April Fool’s!


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