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10 Relatable Memes About Midterm Week

It’s the beginning of March, midterm week for most people, and we here at HC couldn’t be more drained. So here’s 10 hilarious memes to get you through the week!


1. Spring break is literally all that’s keeping you going

What more motivation do you need?


2. Avoiding studying for hours, and days, and weeks is way more familiar than it should be


3.   Why is this so relatable?

No matter how hard you try, there will be that one exam you study for the night before.


4. Been there, done that


5. “Midterm tomorrow? Let me just go on a This Is Us binge”


6. Is it scary that I resonate with this sarcasm on a spiritual level?


7. Somehow the one time you decide to do everything except study is the day before your final paper…


8. This seems like a valid enough argument  

If you’re stressed about midterms, then spring break isn’t too far away and the idea of it should cheer up! Get studying!


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