A Zoom Trick and Treating Event Can be an Intriguing Celebration This Year

We continue to enjoy the splendid orange shades of fall across the country and are all set to enjoy the last few pints of color before we head into the Christmas season. Wait, Halloween is this week? Yes!! There are a couple of questions and thoughts about how Halloween celebrations could look like this year, including socially distanced trick and treating. 

A zoom trick and treating event could be a possibility. Although it would certainly be a novel experience and perhaps not as engaging as compared to playing in person, you can still relish trick and treating only in a slightly different manner than in the past.

  1. 1. Foster more engagement and participation

    Those who are a little shy and introverted would also participate a lot more through the chat function and their cameras. It has been noticed that the chat function and camera are some of the features of the Zoom interface that have shown to improve the virtual experience and improve the level of engagement among the participants. In fact, it has seen to be much more effective than in-person experiences! Hence, everyone will be able to show how they can participate and have a great time!

  2. 2. Adding a wallpaper

    One has the opportunity to add a wallpaper — perhaps a spooky one. The wallpaper could add onto the appearance and the theme of the costume and possibly paint the atmosphere of Halloween. In turn, it could enrich the spooky ambience we immerse ourselves in during the season!

  3. 3. Use the Break-out rooms

    Can’t go much to one another’s houses? The break-out rooms in Zoom could be a possibility to do so virtually. Break-out rooms can aid group trick and treating by competing  at who can do the best. Through this, there comes a game with it in which we can assess how well we are  able to play and enjoy the game.

  4. 4. The microphones!

    We normally use our microphones to speak to one another during a zoom session. Use this creatively here! You can make your favorite spooky sounds and tunes using your microphone during intervals, or maybe add a recording that can set in some background music to make the ambiance more appealing. Hence, it could help in feeling more into the moment and time.

Although trick and treating can look different on Zoom, there are interesting and creative ways in which the experience can become as enriching as an in-person event.