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Your Guide to Shopping South Asian

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  • Sani (https://sanidesigns.com/) While it’s true that Sani clothes boast expensive price tags, I still strongly recommended checking the Sani sisters out on social media. They are super fun and inspiring.
  • Saeyri (https://saeyri.com/) This jewelry company has the most beautiful collection of unique earrings, necklaces, and more. I love all their products, but they have a masala collection that I think is the best. 
  • BHAV (https://shopbhav.com/) Similar to Sani, BHAV has super stylish clothes but with a hefty price tag. They do have very cute accessories that are worth checking out!
  • Banglez (https://banglez.com/) Need some cute accessories before your next function? Try looking at Banglez’s extensive collection of jewelry!
  • Anuja Tolia (https://anujatolia.com/) Here, you can find elegant designer jewelry that will definitely leave a statement. 
  • Chamak Society (https://chamaksociety.com/) Indian streetwear! Definitely a hefty price tag on some items, but they are definitely worth checking out.
  • HoliChic (https://www.holichicbymegha.com/) A Women-owned clothing brand specializing in craftsmanship. I’m obsessed with their dresses. 
  • Valley Silk (https://www.etsy.com/shop/ValleySilks) I love Valley Silk! They are located in California, and you will not believe their prices for the amazing quality!
  • Common Assembly (https://commonassembly.com/) Before you shop their amazing finds, take a look at Common Assembly’s story. It’s touching and promotes kindness. 
  • Harleen Kaur (https://www.harleenkaur.us/) Shop this page for super cute lenghas and other great clothing options!

Need a Gift?

  • Scrumptious Wicks (https://scrumptiouswicks.com/) This online candle store has the best scents! With fun scents to choose from, your apartment will always smell perfect. 
  • Pyarful (https://www.pyarful.com/) Pyar means love in Hindi, and I absolutely love Pyarful! They have adorable greeting cards, stationary, and candles. I have the mithai candles and I strongly recommend them! 
  • Masala My Life (https://www.masalamylife.com/) This online store has adorable gift boxes, treats, clothes, and plenty more perfect gift ideas for a friend or family member. Check out their ladki power collection!
  • AMU (https://www.amu-cherian.com/) Ammu makes these gorgeous prints that are super fulfilling for your interior design dreams. I ordered a print from her, and it was super quick and turned out stunning!
  • Modi Toys (https://www.moditoys.com/shop) I love the concept behind Modi Toys. They sell kids toys inspired by the Hindu religion. This is a great way for young kids to embrace their religion and culture.
  • Maiya (https://livemaiya.com/) Three words: Sustainable Yoga Mats. These yoga mats are so gorgeous and are truly a great gift for anyone interested in fitness.
  • Lark Adventurewear (https://larkadventurewear.com/) Do you know someone with kids? This kids clothing brand is super cute and is a great gift!


  • Tania’s Infinite Beauty (https://www.studiotanais.com/) Candles, perfumes, and makeup? Yes please! Everything sold here is super aesthetic and absolutely stunning.
  • Soma Ayurvedic (https://somayurvedic.com/) Skin care made natural. With every purchase, Soma donates school supplies and hygiene kits to those in need. Now that’s a mission statement I can agree with.
  • Joban Beauty (https://jobanbeauty.com/) They provide clean deodorant options that not only leave you sweat-proof, but also fix discoloration!
  • Visha Skin Care (https://www.vishaskincare.com/) Visha provides all kinds of amazing skin care products for you to try!
  • Live Tinted (https://www.livetinted.com/) Makeup is for every skin tone, and Live Tinted stands by that message. They have really nice products for everyone. 
  • Ranavat (https://www.ranavat.com/) Science and art come together to form these beautiful serums at Ranavat.


  • Malai Ice Cream (https://www.malai.co/) The brick-and-mortar ice cream store can be found in Brooklyn, New York, but Malai also offers shipping. Their flavors are truly unique (someone send me a pint of lemon cardamom please) so there will always be something for everyone!
  • Diaspora Co. (https://www.diasporaco.com/) I’m here to say that Diaspora Co. is the company of my dreams. They specialize in ethically sourced spices and masalas. Take a look at their extensive collection and try telling me they aren’t perfect. 
  • Milk and Cardamom (https://milkandcardamom.com/) I have written so many articles about Milk and Cardamom; to say I’m obsessed is an understatement. Hetal’s cookbook is a must-buy, and all her recipes are simple and super tasty!
  • Simply Mithai (https://simplymithai.com/) Mithai means sweets so of course this brand will have the best sweets! They have many flavors to choose from, and their mithais are absolutely gorgeous!
  • Brooklyn Delhi (https://brooklyndelhi.com/) Want to up your flavor game? You have to try their chutneys and aachars!
  • AshaPops (https://ashapops.com/) Have you ever heard of popped water lily seeds? These are a tasty and healthy snack that you should definitely try.
  • Madhu Chocolate (https://www.madhuchocolate.com/) This is one of the most popular South Asian chocolate brands! They have amazing quality chocolate. 
  • The Paanwaala (http://www.thepaanwaala.com/) Paan is a tasty snack, and The Paanwaala is revolutionizing the way we eat this treat.
  • One Stripe Chai (https://onestripechai.com/) Of course a chai company is on this list. Try their blends that are inspired by South Asian heritage.

Do you know any South Asian brands that haven’t been mentioned? Let’s grow the list. Happy shopping!

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