Writer to Writer

Dear Writer,

I know it’s hard

And I get it 

Because I’ve been there

Struggling to get my wording exactly right

But you’ll get there eventually 

My advice to you is


Listen to that voice echoing inside your brain

You won’t ever get anywhere if you ignore your basic instincts

Be patient 

With yourself and

With the presence of your own thoughts

Because if you don’t, 

You’ll never get there.


It’s something you’ll gain with time

By seeing



So read great literature

To learn from others

Those who are greater than you

Because they are greater than you

You’re still learning

Which means 


Then fail again

Learn from those mistakes 

Because mistakes make you understand 

My last piece of advice

Dear Writer,

Be confident 

Put trust in yourself 

When no one else will 

Because then, you’ll be great