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Time slips through my fingers. The end of the school year comes up so quickly. Here is my overview of my freshman year at Michigan State University.  

At the beginning of the year, it felt like I had all the time in the world. My classes were easy and manageable. I had no expectations on what my first year at college was gonna be like. Some college folklore that goes around is to sleep in, skip class, go out, office hours, and get close with professors. You’re told to bring only necessary items to college, for school and dorms. 

As the year went by, my classes began to steady out and become more challenging, but in a good way. I hate to admit this but I did skip a class or two because I made the mistake of having an 8 a.m. class at the opposite end of campus from where I live. Regardless, I enjoyed all of my classes and learned so much from each class I took.

A big thing I learned on a college campus is that almost everyday you will be out and about with friends. Between my classes and studying with my friends around campus, I’m almost never at my dorm throughout the day. A good four out of the seven nights I also was out and about throughout campus with clubs, activities, and late night fun. At the beginning of the first semester, me and my friends had a lot of fun at the frats. 

While I have heard some people say they go to every office hour for their teacher to get closer to them, this is not accurate or always possible. I have been told it helps if you are not doing good in a class or you don’t do so good on an exam, having the professor recognize your name may help your chances of getting a bump in your grade. Now this may not be true for every professor, but it allows you to get help when you need it as well as references for the future. 

If you’ve ever watched any of the TikTok videos where college students tell you what to bring to college, watch it with an open mind but also keep in mind what you use on a day-to-day basis. Some of the videos are accurate and some of the videos are not. Personally I took some of the information from some of the videos and took it with me to college, but in the end I ended up bringing more stuff than I needed.  

Overall, college has a lot of steps leading up to the arrival on campus. But once you have settled in, you will hopefully learn to love the life of a college student.

Sammie Howard is freshman at Michigan State University, majoring in Criminal justice. Her time with Her Campus consists of writing and helping with the design team. She loves shopping, hanging out with friends and family, and most importantly her dog. Ig and SC: @thenameissammie