Why You Should Watch ‘New Girl’ Immediately

In the midst of a pandemic that isn’t ending anytime soon, we’ve already exhausted our favorite binge-worthy Netflix shows and are looking for something new to distract us from studying. New Girl is your answer and here’s why:

  1. 1. The Humor is Unmatched

    The main thing that makes New Girl great is its humor. It’s the perfect combination of witty, cringey, and edgy and will literally make you laugh out loud, which is rare for TV. Bonus: there are no laugh tracks, so you can actually decide for yourself what’s funny (which ends up being everything in this case). Also, Winston is the greatest… no questions asked.

  2. 2. The Characters are Relatable and Develop So Well throughout the Series

    The New Girl characters are written in a way that you can see bits of yourself in all of them. Every one of the actors also perfectly portrays their character to the point where everything feels natural. When it comes to character development, not many sitcoms do it like New Girl does it. Instead of each person having a single quirk that every joke is based on, the characters in New Girl are dynamic and conflicting, which again plays into the relatability and realisticness of the show.

  3. 3. It’s a Feel-Good Show

    Especially right now, we all need some lighthearted content in our lives and New Girl fills that role perfectly. Each episode will leave you laughing out loud and smiling, which is hard to come by recently. You also see the characters grow and go through some of the happiest moments of their lives, while you get to go right along with them.

  4. 4. There are 7 Full Seasons, but Only 20-minute Episodes

    As long as you don’t watch it all too quickly (which, in this day and age, I know we all will anyway), the show can keep you entertained for quite a while with it’s 7 jam packed seasons. However, each episode is only 20 minutes long, leaving you with the perfect combination of low-commitment for each episode, but weeks of entertainment.

  5. 5. It Never Gets Old

    Though it is a decently long show, every episode finds a new way to entertain you. You get so attached to the characters that you want to keep watching just to see how everything plays out. Added bonus: it’s also rewatchable. I am on my second round of watching New Girl and it is every bit as enjoyable as my first. It’s also the perfect length where you don’t remember everything that has happened, so there are new surprises each time you rewatch.



Though I still have yet to learn the rules of True American, I liked a TikTok a while back that explained the game and it’s on my to-do list to go back and learn it. New Girl is quite honestly the best sitcom-like show I’ve ever watched. I’m so serious when I say it’s worth the binge.