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Why You Should Try Sol De Janeiro

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This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at MSU chapter.

MSU’s chapter of Her Campus was gifted samples of the new Sol de Janeiro’s Delícia Drench body butter to share with members, this review reflects the writer’s personal opinion.

Normally when I’m using body butters and lotions, I prefer something that isn’t going to linger on my skin for long periods. I don’t like the feeling of products on my skin that tend to feel like they are weighing me down, and I know many others might feel the same way. That’s why I’ve taken a liking to Sol de Janeiro’s Delícia Drench body butter, because not only does it smell truly wonderful, but it absorbs into my skin quickly and feels hydrating almost immediately. 

When I opened the container for the first time and peeled off the seal on top, I was instantly greeted with a shroud of smells. This body butter isn’t just like any fragrant cream that you’ll find left in a collection on your bathroom sink, either. The fragrances coming from this body butter make me feel like I’m visiting the most wondrous beach with all these lovely scents of summer wafting right in my direction. After applying the body butter to my skin, the fragrance and the feeling of hydration from this marvelous cream carry over to the next day. Sol de Janeiro’s Delícia Drench body butter is certainly something I’ll be adding to my shopping list for the next time I go to the store. 

During these winter months and wretched cold days, not many lotions or body butters do a well-enough job of keeping my skin hydrated and moisturized. Having the pleasure of trying Sol De Janeiro’s body butter has made me feel excited to apply the body butter at the start of my day because I know it will leave me feeling refreshed throughout the day. If you feel like you’re constantly fighting off dry skin, I sincerely recommend Sol de Janeiro’s Delícia Drench body butter! Since using it, my skin hasn’t felt or appeared dry in ages. 

Don’t let the thickness of this body butter throw you off! While it might seem slightly too thick at first glance, spreading it on the skin screams otherwise. Not only that, but it doesn’t leave that greasy, lingering feeling when applied to the skin that many other body creams tend to leave. When I first saw the appearance of this body butter, I was hesitant to apply it, as I’ve never been one to indulge in many body creams because they never quite do the trick. I found that Sol de Janeiro’s body butter melds perfectly with my skin. This body butter not only absorbs amazingly into the skin, but it feels as if it instantly hydrates the skin as well. After applying it to begin my day, I find that I’m finishing the day with healthy and glowing skin. But don’t take my word for it and go try out this body butter yourself!

Although I have never been one to bother with making a habit of using body butter and lotion (only because they never seem to do the trick), Sol de Janeiro’s Delícia Drench body butter has convinced me that there are body creams out there that do work. The overall experience of smelling amazing, being constantly hydrated, and not feeling like the body butter is suffocating my skin is something I will definitely enjoy getting used to. Now I can feel confident with flaunting my skin during the winter months, and even just in general, and it’s all thanks to Sol de Janeiro. If you’re concerned that the body creams you’ve been using haven’t been doing your skin justice, I would highly propose experimenting with Sol de Janeiro’s body butter. 

Kaitlyn Wilcox has been a staff writer for the Michigan State University Chapter of Her Campus since the spring of 2024. Kaitlyn Wilcox is a junior at Michigan State University. She studies Human Biology and Psychology, with a minor in Creative Writing. She aspires to go to medical school with the goal of becoming a cardiovascular surgeon. In her free time, she likes to read books, spend time with family and friends, and care for her plants.