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This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at MSU chapter.

Social media started out as a fun new thing where people can stay in touch with friends and family by sharing photos and status updates. It started out very innocently but it has changed directions and meaning. I think we all can agree that social media has definitely left a mark on society in several different ways. Though there are several benefits of social media, it has taken over our everyday lives and caused many mental health problems. 


Social media has become a part of everyone’s morning routines and constant addiction throughout the day. It went from a platform to connect with friends and family to you following people you don’t even know and sharing every detail about your life. It is a place where “likes” and “followers” are more important. Why do we feel the need to share everything about our lives on social media platforms with people we honestly don’t know very well nor talk to? 


The growth of social media has caused many mental health problems in today’s society. People find themselves comparing their own life or what they look like to others on social media, just through what they post on the platform. Because of the change of the meaning of social media, we tend to believe everyone’s lives are perfect just based on their posts. It is hard to remember that we are our own person and everyone is on a different path in life, having different experiences and accomplishments than each other, but this doesn’t affect one’s worth. 


Why do we spend so much time on these platforms? People spend hours of the day (or night) on social media, mindlessly scrolling. I wonder all the things people could be doing with that same amount of time rather than being on social media, myself included as well. Taking a social media detox is always a good idea and can only do good. Take a break from your social media platforms for a month and see how much your life, or even just daily habits change. 

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