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Why You Should Rewatch Gossip Girl

Hey Midwesterners, Gossip Girl here giving you the inside scoop of what shows you should be re-watching. The fall months always bring us cool weather, leaves falling and binge worthy shows — but they’re not always new shows. Everyone knows that the best shows to watch during this time are the classics. For example: Gossip Girl. So sit back, relax with a warm drink and let’s see what these Upper East Siders are up to.

Despite the fact that Gossip Girl is almost as old as we are, it still manages to capture everyone’s attention. There’s nothing like a good drama show based on teenagers that live in Manhattan. The main plot of the show is about love triangles and drama that goes on between the characters, but there’s more to it than that. Gossip Girl is a great way to find outfit inspirations— those portrayed on the show were a staple of their time and Y2K fashion is making a huge comeback. Given that Gossip Girl was first launched in 2007, it also acts as a time capsule for music. They play classics that we all grew up listening to and perfectly set the scene of New York! There’s no better mix. The real question is which part was best – the outfits or the drama? While the outfits in the show are amazing and detailed, so is the drama. The romance was definitely there, giving us perfect examples of what love looked like at the time. They managed to include all types of drama such as murder, love triangles, hookups, falling-outs between friends and Gossip Girl was always there to spill the tea. 

Every episode is like stepping into a time capsule and going back to the early 2000s, allowing us to believe we were also Upper East Siders. It brings back so much nostalgia and so many ideas and memories of what that time was like. It makes us remember how simple life was and still can be while providing a sense of comfort (which is what we need right now). It’s the perfect show to watch with a friend, loved one or even by yourself, since it also emphasizes the importance of loved ones in many episodes. What are you waiting for? Gossip Girl is the perfect show to watch and should definitely get a comeback. There’s nothing better than to finally hear again the words “Spotted at Grand Central, bags in hand: Serena van der Woodsen” and then let all the drama begin. Gossip Girl will be waiting for you to sit down and watch all of the drama happening in the streets of Manhattan.

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Gossip Girl.

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