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If you’ve ever seen the CeraVe Super Bowl commercial, the Barbie movie, or Superbad, you have surely crossed paths with Michael Cera. Known for his awkward comedic style, Michael Cera is loveable in every role he pursues and in his everyday life. As a top Michael Cera fan, I just want to remind all of you and myself why I love Michael Cera. 

  1.  His Flawless Skin

I dare you. Try to find a picture of Michael Cera with a pimple or any other sort of blemish. It’s almost impossible. Everyone loves a man with a good skincare routine, and it is a well known fact that Michael Cera is a CeraVe supporter. If you are ever blessed with the opportunity to meet Michael, I urge you to scribble down his skincare routine.

  1.  He’s Fluent in Spanish

Duolingo who? Michael Cera is apparently fluent in Spanish, having spent 5 hours a day learning the language while filming a movie in Chile. As my Spanish teacher used to preach, “being bilingual is a superpower”. When it comes to Michael Cera, we can just add this skill to his endless list of talents. 

  1.  He had a Jersey Shore Makeover

Pauly D. gave Cera a signature blowout, Christian Audigier (a French designer) styled him with a tiger shirt, and him and Snooki shared a slice of pizza. I just love that Michael is able to have a carefree time getting his style switched up in a playful way. He was even invited to an honorary hot tub soak with the Jersey Shore cast. 

  1.  He Plays Guitar

Have you ever heard the song “Hang On” by Weezer? Michael Cera was in the back on the mandolin and vocals. In addition to being featured on many different artists’ tracks, Cera is a member of two bands: Mister Heavenly and The Long Goodbye. His Juno co-star, Elliot Page, claims that “he’s very good at it (playing guitar)”. 

  1.  He’s a Nature Lover

During the filming of Crystal Fairy & the Magical Cactus, Cera took some affectionate photos with cacti in the Chilean deserts. He enjoys playing outdoor sports like tennis and softball, so if you ever want to spot Michael Cera, just look right outside your window. 

In conclusion, these are the top 5 reasons I am a Ceranator. I hope this article helped you see past his superficial recent role of “Allan” in the Barbie movie, so you can now understand his true character. I encourage you to have a Cerastic day.

Eliana Hollis is a first-year nursing major at Michigan State University. She began writing for HerCampus MSU in January 2024. She aspires to become a women's health or neonatal nurse practitioner. In her free time, she enjoys crocheting, reading/writing, practicing piano, and playing tennis.