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This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at MSU chapter.

Choosing college was a very difficult decision. I applied to seven different schools, and each was very different from the other. Michigan State was one of my top choices. As I started applying to colleges during the pandemic and couldn’t visit campuses, YouTube became my tour guide. When I started researching MSU and looking into different “day in the life” videos on YouTube, I fell in love with the campus. For how big it was, there was so much support and community between the students. I also loved that everyone had their own thing and that there were so many differentand  unique opportunities based on personal interest. As someone who originally thought they’d be on a small campus, I was baffled by how enticed I was by this big university.

Michigan State was the first college I heard back from. I applied Early Action, so I heard back rather quickly. I was so excited that I got in. I immediately sent a photo to my family and texted friends I knew in East Lansing. But as more letters came in, ranging from acceptance to denied to a couple waitlists, the decision became more complex. As an indecisive person, I was stressed out. But then my family and friends in East Lansing, who were MSU alumni, offered to give me a personal tour of the campus and downtown East Lansing. I knew MSU was a top choice for me, but I was so afraid of making the wrong choice for the next four years of my life, that I walked into my tour very torn on what to do. That feeling very quickly fell away as the tour went on. The campus was absolutely stunning, and the people were incredible. I posed with the Sparty statue, walked along the Red Cedar River and explored the gardens of North campus. My guides took me to academic buildings and different nooks and crannies of campus. All the students that were there in the grass looked so happy and engaged with one another. The school spirit was strong and evident everywhere we walked, and I loved it. As we walked downtown, I loved how many places there were to go eat and hang out. As much as there was, it still felt small and connected. After that day I went to the downtown bookstore and bought myself some MSU gear to show off back home at school. All the doubt and worry in my mind was gone. I knew after that day that MSU was exactly where I needed to be. In just two months, I’ve met so many amazing people, discovered so many unique opportunities, and joined multiple clubs and groups. MSU and the people there have become my home away from home, and I know every day that I made the right choice for myself and my future.

My name is Celeste Tinsley and I’m a freshman at Michigan State University. I’m majoring in Global and International Studies with a double minor in economics and data analytics. I am an avid reader, baker and equestrian.