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Cat looking at artificial fish tank
Cat looking at artificial fish tank
Original photo by Kaytlyn Gannon
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Why I Bought a ‘Fake Fish Tank’

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This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at MSU chapter.

Mindlessly scrolling through TikTok, we see different products constantly. Whether it is through a direct ad, partnership, or video showing off a cool product, it is easy to become convinced to buy something because of a TikTok.

One of these products that popped up on my FYP (for you page) was an artificial fish tank. I can’t find the exact video, but there was one of a person who had bought this fake fish tank primarily to entertain their cats. Since I have two cats of my own who already enjoy watching fish and bird videos targeted towards cats on YouTube, the impulsivity kicked in. I headed straight to Amazon.

I didn’t find many options and learned just how expensive toys are nowadays,. After debating between two different tanks, (a smaller one and a larger one), I opted for the cost-efficient smaller one, knowing that I could always go back and purchase the other one in the future if I wanted.

After only 36 hours, it was here.

It looked like a real, miniature version of your standard fish tank. It lit up, had the standard background of a fish tank, and came with three fish that were decently realistic and able to ‘swim’ around the tank. 

It has to be plugged into an outlet and requires batteries. I wasn’t expecting both of those to be required, but it seems like part of being an adult is always having batteries on hand.

Both of my cats seem to like it so far, but if I’m being honest, I think I love it more than them.

This product would be great for cats, younger children (whether it is used as a toy or pretending that it’s a real fish tank), or someone older looking for a cool decoration or night light.

You can check the fish tank out for yourself here on Amazon. As listed, the product is small (9×3.5×4.8). I also intend to pick up this side table from 5 Below to place the tank on.

It’s a great addition to my apartment, which  lacks decor, and it doubles as a ‘toy’ for both cats and adults.I definitely think it’s worth checking out.

Kaytlyn is a Senior at MSU majoring in Marketing and minoring in Creative Writing. She has been a published journalist and writer for over six years. Kaytlyn is currently the Chapter President and Campus Correspondent for HCMSU as well as being involved in the Campus Trendsetters program, College Fashionista program, and the HCM Internship Credit program. Outside of Her Campus, Kaytlyn has two cats, Leo and Zelda, as well as a ferret named Willow. She is also the President, Marketing Director, and a co-founder of the Creative Writing Club at MSU. She is also a cheer coach.