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Why The Cancellation of Patriot Act is So Important

You don’t have to be South Asian to appreciate the innovative and essential comedy of Patriot Act, an Emmy award-winning talk show on Netflix. Hosted by Hasan Minhaj, the show revolved around international political satire with Minhaj’s personal experiences weaved into the comedy. Fans loved the Indian American representation and his informative response to global events brought the show international acclaim. After six seasons, Netflix has decided to cancel the show. Here’s why it matters.

As stated by BBC News, “[Patriot Act] was the first weekly US talk show to be fronted by an Indian American.” South Asian representation is practically nonexistent in Hollywood and having a talk show hosted by an Indian American on such a mainstream level not only raises awareness of South Asian racism in the industry but also provides the framework for a more inclusive media experience. Patriot Act’s cancellation is taking away an important figure in South Asian representation. Hasan Minhaj was a role model for what an Indian American can accomplish, and it’s painful to see such a powerful figure like himself leave this show. 

Patriot Act was also the perfect show for teenagers and young adults because, aside from the witty comedy, the news presented was informative and, for the younger teens, palatable. Many students now are finding themselves thrown into America’s heated political climate, and Patriot Act was a place to find information in an accessible way. News channels may be daunting and with so many instances of misinformed citizens, many students might not have known where to turn to. With a new generation rising, it isn’t essential, but rather crucial, that teens and young adults find factual information and stay informed.

Patriot Act was more than just a talk show. The show was so culturally important for South Asians as it discussed topics that were centered around South Asian identity. While this beloved show will be missed, its teachings will remain prominent in young lives. Patriot Act was proof that staying informed is more than just a choice; it’s a necessity in today’s society.

Thanks for the information Patriot Act; you will be missed. 

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