Why BTS Should Be At The TOP of Your List

BTS, aka Bangtan Sonyeondan, aka the biggest band in the world, is dropping their third album release of this year on November 20th.

Their single Dynamite got a perfect all kill on Korean charts and was number one on the billboard hot 100 for three weeks. Amongst breaking tons of world records and topping charts all over the world, this was only the start of the comeback.

Since it’s release the guys have performed — actually HEADLINED — for the IHeartRadio music fest, performed on America’s Got Talent, had a Grammys interview, and spoke at the United Nations for a second time. Pretty big deal right?

What is unique about this K-pop song is that it is actually written and sung in English. Dynamite was written to help listeners through this terrible pandemic; to spark some joy in such a dark time. After listening to the demo, BTS thought that English was the most fitting for this song. This is a first for the group as many of their songs consist of both English and Korean, while some songs are mainly in Japanese. This means they have topped the charts for songs in 3 different languages, also a first for any group.

Their leader RM is fluent in both English and Korean, and acts as a translator for the rest of the group in any interviews in English speaking countries. But all of the guys speak some English — pretty well at that — as well as some of them being fluent in Japanese and Chinese. 

So they’re able to reach quite an audience, but even with a language barrier amongst many fans they have still managed to top the charts in over 100 countries for many songs, even their solo work tops the charts.

Still not impressed?  All of this has happened in the past month alone. As of right now, the hit song Dynamite has over 413 million views in just one month. This isn’t the first time that BTS are reaching these numbers or breaking these records. On top of everything else they have also spoken at the United Nations twice now. Over the summer they also had the DNA music video hit 1 billion views, their first to do so.

They’re so much more than just a K-pop group or just a boyband; they’re already taking over the world and they’re not going to stop anytime soon, since they recently renewed their contract for another 7 glorious years! From their debut in 2013, BTS had a clear message to their fans — love yourself. Throughout the years, their music reflects on this message, encouraging anyone who listens to love themselves because we matter to them; to BTS. These songs have encouraged so many ARMYs to take care of themselves and focus on their studies. The promotion of self-love is heartwarming, knowing that thousands of miles away, someone understands you.

Off the top of my head, some of the goals for this next comeback are: 7 million pre-orders. 7 is a special number to BTS and ARMY because there are 7 members, this year is their 7th year anniversary since debut, and also the first album of this year was titled Map Of The Soul 7. Also to set the bar higher, ARMYs plan to go above and beyond all of Dynamite’s records again with the next music video to be dropped. Dynamite had over a hundred million views in the first 24 hours, and they’re about to break that yet again.

Want to know more? A good place to start would be to watch the Dynamite music video to help us get to 1 billion views and to keep topping the charts. ;) Afterwards check out their UNICEF speeches, the recent performances, the Dear Class of 2020 performance and speech, helping their other music videos to get to one billion and also checking them out on all their social media.

You could also help to try and hit that 7 million preorder goal because once you actually take the time to listen to them and watch their unbelievable performances, you’ll regret not paying attention sooner.

“You’ve shown me I have reasons I should love myself.” - “Love Myself”, BTS