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Why Being an Adult Isn’t So Bad


“Adulting” sometimes gets a bad rep. Sure, paying bills sucks, and nobody really knows what they want to do with their life — but try not to overlook the good stuff. Here are 10 reasons why being an adult isn’t so bad.


1. Eating whatever you want

Pizza for the third time this week? Absolutely. Though your waistline may see this as a bad thing, eating whatever you want, whenever you want, is a pretty nice perk of adulthood.


2. Getting to decorate your own house or apartment

Living with friends is awesome, and nothing beats being able to hang random posters and string lights on the walls, just because you can.


3. Alcohol

Need I say more?


4. No curfew

The first time you stayed out all night was liberating, and you know it.


5. Not having to ask for permission

Want to go away for the weekend? Do it. Want to throw a party? Do it. Want to stay in bed all day? You go right ahead you adult, you.


6. Grocery shopping

Okay, so the whole “spending your own money on food” thing might suck, but the whole “I’m going to buy three cases of Oreos because mom can’t tell me not to” thing is kind of great.


7. Going home for the weekend

Now that you’re not home as often, you get treated like royalty when you are. You pick what’s for dinner and mom washes, dries and folds your three-week-old laundry. Heaven.


8. Wearing whatever you want

Except it turns out mom was right when she always made you put your coat on in the winter, even if you were only outside for a minute.


9. Making your own schedule

Because how did we ever manage to have class on Fridays?


10. Designing your future

It’s in your hands now! Pick your classes, pick your friends and pick your career path.


Next time you’re stuck wondering what the heck you’re going to do with your life, just remember that you can eat ice cream for dinner. Adulting for the win!

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