Who I’m Turning To: Adriene Mishler

Thus far, in my “Who I’m Turning To” series, I’ve discussed Maria Shriver, Amanda Nguyen, and Kati Morton— each of them being inspiring people who offer me hope in my times of uncertainty, and this week, I’m so excited to include Adriene Mishler (a.k.a. Yoga With Adriene) as well! 

Based in Austin, Texas, Adriene is a worldwide YouTube sensation as the host of her channel “Yoga With Adriene.” Like Kati Morton, she has used her platform on YouTube to create a community of people of various backgrounds, ages, shapes, and sizes with similar interests and goals. 

Since 2012, Adriene has created and performed yoga flows for everything and anything, and everyone and anyone. If you’re a beginner, you’re covered. If you’re an advanced yogi, you’re also covered. If you’re a runner, gardener, actor or actress, teacher, student, swimmer, or really any occupation under the sun, you too are covered. If you’re looking to stretch (morning, night, or mid-day), or you have that one area in your body where it just feels tight, you guessed it - you’re covered. Ladies, if you’re on your period and need some cramp relief, you’re covered, girl. All in all, no matter who you are or what you do in your day to day life, Adriene has ensured that she has a video for you! 

With Yoga With Adriene, Adriene has inspired others to not only find what feels good in their bodies but to do it with intention and care as well. Additionally, she has also shown that you don’t necessarily need to belong to a yoga studio in order to practice, and with her, you can practice for free as well (you’re basically killing two birds with one stone, am I right, my peeps?). 

On another note, along with being a yoga instructor, Adriene is also an actress, entrepreneur, and writer (check out her blog posts on her website — the link is at the end of the article!). 

Evidently an admirable woman, I’ve been turning to Adriene through her yoga videos since the beginning of quarantine in mid-March. I was searching for a way to pass the time, and after doing a yoga workout with some friends of mine one day, I became interested in practicing regularly, and Adriene has been one of the instructors I’ve kept going back to. 

She just has an aura to her that is so warming and inviting. She reminds you that it is okay to step away from the world for a while so then you can reconnect with yourself, allowing yourself to return to the world better than how you stepped away. Moreover, like Kati Morton, she talks to you like your her friend, and during quarantine, especially when times got lonely or confusing, her presence brought me a sense of grounding - as practicing with her reminded me that quarantine was only temporary, like all things in life, and that there can be light in any situation —yes, even quarantine. 

I’m so happy that I’m able to include Adriene Mishler in “Who I’m Turning To.” She is truly one of the women I look up to most in this world, and I hope she can be someone to all of you too. 

If you haven’t checked out any of her videos and Yoga With Adriene seems like something you’d like to try, I definitely recommend searching it! However, if you’d like to learn more about her but aren’t necessarily interested in yoga, no worries — there is a list of her resources below, and she also includes other interests on her YouTube channel such as meditation and cooking! 

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