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Where The World Ends

This is where the world ends. Where the salts of the Dead Sea dissolve flesh and bones

Where monstrous waves engulf sailors and fishermen who were once tickled pink

This is where the depths of the seas come to the shallows and reveal their secrets

Where seaweed turns to snakes that twist around the ankles of their prey

This is where the kraken comes to play

Where wicked tentacles split ships and take pirates as their prisoners 

This is where war begins 

Where a battle between land and sea imprisons homosapiens and releases what lies under the sea

This is where vessels are built and gunpowder is loaded 

This is where soldiers learn to swim and fish learn to walk 

Where mysterious water welcomes fire and demons 

This is where blood stains wood and scales sprinkle sand 

Where battle cries become gurgled and muffled as their mouths fill with water 

This is where pride precedes reason 

This is where the world ends

Priscilla is a senior at Michigan State University majoring in Marketing with a minor in Creative Writing.
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