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What You Need to Know About Election Day

Democrats kicked serious GOP booty this year — and it’s about time. We are one year into the presidency of Donald Trump and while many people aren’t happy with the past years leadership, the true test was to see change at the polls. Not only did the Democrats step up and vote, but history was made in electing minority groups into key positions. Here’s what you need to know:

Ralph Northam — Governor of Virginia

Northam beat his Republican counterpart, Ed Gillepsie, with 54 percent of the vote compared to 45 percent for the Republican nominee. Northam said, “Virginia has told us to end the divisiveness, that we will not condone hatred and bigotry, and to end the politics that have torn this country apart.” Thank you, Northam.

Justin Fairfax — Lieutenant Governor of Virginia

Another Democrat win for Virginia: Justin Fairfax. He beat out Republican Sen. Jill Vogel. He is the first African-American to win a statewide office since 1989!

Danica Roem — Virginia House of Delegates’ 13th District

Roem beat out Republican incumbent Robert Marshall. She is the first openly transgender person elected to the House. You have to appreciate the irony that she beat the delegate who proposed the “bathroom bill” while he served the state of Virginia.

Phil Murphy — Governor of New Jersey

Democrat Phil Murphy beats Republican nominee Lt. Gov. Kim Guadagno. He will be taking over for Chris Christie. It appears that New Jerseyans didn’t like how warmly Christie embraced Trump.

Ravinder Bhalla — Mayor of Hoboken, New Jersey

Bhalla is the first Sikh mayor in New Jersey.

Jenny Durkan — Mayor of Seattle, Washington

Durkan is the first woman to become mayor to this city in 90 years. Not to mention — she’s the first ever lesbian mayor of Seattle. There are so many more candidates not mentioned in this article who broke through the hate and bigotry that has become our nation’s norm throughout this past year.

If President Trump wasn’t worried about the 2018 elections, he should be now.

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