What Services Do Women Students Need at MSU?

After the WorkLife Office replaced services formerly provided by the Women’s Resource Center and Family Resource Center in April 2016 as well as the transition of the women’s study lounge to an all-gender space in August 2016, many women students at Michigan State University are adamant about reclaiming a space for women on campus.

On the first day of classes fall semester 2016, students joined in a sit-in at the MSU Union, protesting the university’s decision to make the lounge an all-gender space. Many students also signed a petition asking for the Women’s Resource Center and women’s lounge to be reinstated.    

In response to student voices, the Women’s Advisory Council to the vice president for Student Affairs is using this year to focus its committee on prioritizing the types of services that would best suit the needs of women students. The committee is comprised of a team of students and staff dedicated to improving the student experience. There are representatives from the Council of Graduate Students, Sexual Assault Program, Sexual Assault and Relationship Violence Prevention Program, Asian Pacific American Student Organization, Black Student Alliance, LBGT Resource Center, Women’s Council and other dynamic offices and student organizations on campus.

The committee is interested in the programs, events and services women students believe are necessary for their success and safety on campus, in order to formulate a women’s-led agenda for Michigan State University.  

It is asking students the following questions:

What would you like to see in terms of women’s services for women students at Michigan State University?

What type of environment would help women students feel most supported?

If you have any fresh, innovative suggestions for the Women’s Advisory Council, please email them to [email protected].