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What’s Next: Four Ways to Take Advantage of Your Summer

During these turbulent times, we all got a little confused with what our future will look like and what we can or should do to make sure our lives don’t get stuck or placed on ‘hold’. This uncertainty affected many different fractions of society’s demographics, however, the imminent sense of being lost and unsure mainly affected college students, from all levels of classman ship. But don’t worry, there are some measures you can take in order to take full advantage of your summer vacation amidst Covid’s restrictions. 


Explore different Professional Apps: (for Juniors and Seniors, mostly)

Since most jobs and internships are being offered in the remote format, we are not always sure of what kind of opportunities are out there; so, by logging into apps like: Handshake, LinkedIn or Indeed, you will become connected and attentive to what experience best works for you, and what employers are specifically looking for in a potential candidate. 

(Hint: I personally vouch for handshake because it provides a ‘notification’ feature that allows you to keep track of your job/internship applications, which might help you better prepare for an interview).  


Attend virtual career fairs:

MSU is constantly sending students emails about virtual career fairs and panels that are happening within many colleges and majors. Since I’m in the college of social science, last semester I attended the criminal justice and political science fair, and some employers warned about scarce positions due to the pandemic. However, one D.C paralegal panelist told me to further look into the professional apps that I previously mentioned, and I can honestly say that if I didn’t keep searching opportunities in the app during this spring semester, I probably wouldn’t have secured my 2021 summer internship as a paralegal. 


Take summer classes: (for freshmen and sophomores)

If you just recently got to college and you feel like you still have some time before you have to worry about jobs and internships, one of the most productive ways to maximize your time off during summer, is by enrolling in classes. I know that this might sound tiring, especially since you are supposed to be taking a break, however summer session classes are programmed differently, and they usually go by so fast that you don’t even realize it’s over. But if this sounds like a bummer, you can always opt to take elective courses during the summer, which are classes that require your initial interest, so it is not so bad to spend precious summertime on.


Assess your mental and physical health: (for multitaskers) 

Feel like you are out of time to take proper care of yourself during the semester? Don’t worry, since we are ‘housebound’ due to Covid, there are some great ways to reboot and regroup your health and your sanity from home. As we know, it’s hard to manage everything like fitness, academics, nutrition, and self-care practices during a semester filled with classes and work. However, you can and should take advantage of your time off during summer to reevaluate your mental and physical health standings, especially if you feel like you’ve neglected or strained yourself during the previous semester or academic year. If you consider yourself a multitasker, meaning, you have to work or study even during the summer, but you still feel like you can boost your fitness and mental health status, then you should consider adding more exercise into your routine, while setting up time for self-care days where you can dial down stress, resyncing with your body and your mind. 


Finally, I would like to add that by choosing to invest in yourself and in your future by any means mentioned in this article, you are establishing a more healthy, productive and fulfilling lifestyle, while also indirectly setting yourself up for success in any academic or professional endeavor. 


I'm from Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. I am a senior at Michigan State University, Political Science-Prelaw major; and I intend to go to law school after graduating from MSU.
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