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My first week on campus was nothing short of extraordinary. It was packed with fun and friends, two things I dearly missed. Unfortunately, there were also some tears, confusion, and exhaustion. Here I’m going to share some insights I’ve learned from my first week in East Lansing.

Keeping up with work is a lot harder here than it was at home. I’m always so tempted to hang out with friends or go for a walk when I actually have so much work to finish. There are many more distractions here, but I suppose it's all about finding a balance. I have 19 credits this semester so I can’t afford to lose focus but I am having lots of fun creating a schedule. I’ve been having dinner with friends every night and getting my work done in the morning. It’s a nice balance and I still get to have fun.

Speaking of fun, finally having some independence has been incredible. I love keeping track of what’s in my fridge and how I get to choose what I eat every day. At home, my parents would choose the meals, but here I love finding ways to be healthy but also eat some good food. 

It’s also important to note that there have been some exhausting days for me. Between stressful assignments and keeping up with all the excitement, I forget to take a moment to breathe and take care of myself. Self-care is so important, and I need to pay more attention to it. 

Goals for the next week? Spend more time on my mental health and find more good food places to eat. I can’t wait for next week!


A Michigan State University student by day, an 8-hour sleeper by night Aditi would best describe herself as a "rather simple enigma." As she embarks on her college journey, Aditi cherishes the simple things in life: a cup of coffee, some pastel post-it notes, and her ever-growing succulent.
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