Wake up. Rub your eyes. Check the time. Look at the ceiling. 

You’re faced with a wall.

Get out of bed. Drink some water. Change into workout clothes. Begin workout. 

You’re facing a wall.

Finish workout. Put clothes in hamper. Put on bathrobe. Get in shower. 

You’re surrounded by three of them.

Get out of the shower. Wash your face. Blow dry hair. Put on clothes.

The mirror is a wall.

Sit down at desk. Open Zoom. Have class. Do homework. Check for jobs.

Behind your laptop, a wall. 

Finish homework. Go downstairs. Begin making lunch. Stovetop eggs.

Face the backsplash. It’s a wall. 

Finish lunch. Go back to bedroom. Turn on TV. Pick a show. 

You’re looking at the TV, which is in front of a wall.

You’re tired. Lay down. Take a nap. Two hours. Wake up. Check time.

It’s on the wall. 

Resume TV. Movie this time. Maybe with a snack. Movie fades to black.

The only color is the wall.

Time for bed. Brush your teeth. Put on pajamas. Climb into bed. Pull out phone and turn on your side.

Your eyes meet the wall. 

Rinse. Repeat. Quarantine. 

You’re tired of the walls.