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Alyce Rogers

Uncertainty on Move in Day

It’s 8 am on the morning that I am becoming a real, true adult, and honestly, I’m terrified. I am leaving my childhood home in less than one hour to move into my very first apartment, something that I wasn’t really expecting to happen until next year. Covid-19 loves to mess things up, change life plans, and scare me in ways I’ve never been scared before.

I am a sophomore at Michigan State, so I spent the 2019-2020 school year in the residence hall until we were sent home in March. I had a virtual job and took classes all summer, so I spent a lot of time in my bedroom over the last six months. Then, I moved into Case Hall, so excited for a fresh start, a new place to study and take classes, and some new faces to do that with. 

I moved in on August 17th, as a student employee, but I came back home because I still hadn’t packed my clothes or finished the babysitting I committed to. Plus, no one was going to be there for the next 10 days. The next day, August 18th, is a day many people are going to remember. It is the day that MSU told us they had suspended all campus living and learning, and it happened to be the day AFTER I moved in. 

So I moved out, and that was that. I had come to terms once again with a semester in my bedroom in West Bloomfield, Michigan. I started classes on September 2nd like everyone else, but that day was one of the hardest I have ever had. Thankfully, my mom came into my room after my tour guide shift that day and said “don’t be mad, but I think I found you an apartment.” 

Honestly, I was confused. Did she not want me in her house anymore? Did my dad complain about the Wi-Fi Speeds again (he’s never really worked from home before)? Why wasn’t I wanted in the Finerty household anymore? 

Well, it turns out I was afraid for no reason. She just saw that I was so sad about not being in my very favorite place that she would do anything to help me out. She saw a Facebook post in the parents group chat fast enough to put in an offer. She also went to Michigan State as an undergrad, so she wanted me to have some of the same experiences as she got to have 20 years ago. 

So that was just about four days ago. I packed up my entire life in four days, put it in some cars, and I am starting my very real, very adult life. 

It is now just past 4 pm on that same day, and I am writing just as my grandparents closed the door behind them. This is going to be hard, but it is also going to be fun, like an adventure with new people to meet, new places to see, and new things to try. Have a great year, Spartans! 

My name is Caitlin! I am a second year at MSU majoring in Social Relations and Policy and Public Relations. I wrote a lot in high school and was so happy to find HerCampus so I could continue to do what I love! I hope you enjoy.
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