Turn Your Mask into a Costume Accessory

Whether you’re choosing to celebrate by watching a scary movie, giving candy to Trick or Treaters, or hanging out with a close group of friends/family (guidelines of your state permitting), a costume is a must. This Halloween may be a little different than years past both due to the blue moon and the current global pandemic. Due to this, while a costume is a must, so is a face mask that you can pair with it!

  1. 1. Ruth Bader Ginsburg

    Pay homage to cultural and feminist icon, Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg. Get a mask made of white lace to match the beautiful collars and fashionable gloves RBG wore. Another option is the “I Dissent” mask sold by DeliciousAccessories on Etsy.

  2. 2. Among Us

    Recently, the amount of people playing the multiplayer game Among Us has skyrocketed. In the game, the players wear spacesuits of a specific color. A face mask could be incorporated into the costume as the space suit visor. TechStarPrinting cells a perfect Among Us visor face mask. Other sellers on Etsy and Redbubbble have a variety of options as well.

  3. 3. Cow

    This year cow print is particularly popular! Everything from cute cow costumes to cowgirls is to be anticipated. A cow print facemask like the one sold by PeachySeamsByElla is an easy pairing with this fit.

  4. 4. Tiger King 

    During quarantine the documentary series Tiger King was released and quickly became a hit. There’s no question that Tiger King costumes will be popular this spooky season. Many facemask are on the market depicting the faces of people, particularly Joe Exotic, from the documentary. If you’re dressing as Joe Exotic, a sparkly gold or black mask would match his jacket in one of his most well known photos. As Carol Baskin, you could wear a flower print mask to match the flower crown she frequently wears. She’s also known for wearing animal prints which many stores carry animal print masks. Tread365 is actually selling "Cool Kittens" and 'Cool Cats" masks that give proceeds to Big Cat Rescue.

  5. 5. Euphoria 

    This popular TV drama has a wide range of makeup looks and outfits that could make a stunning costume. You could select a mask based on the look you pick. However, when I think of Euphoria I think bold and glitter. A shimmering face mask would suit almost any costume representing the show. Another idea is a glitter tear face mask. This wouldn’t be a hard DIY with a little glitter glue and a cloth mask. 

  6. 6. Appa

    Avatar the Last Airbender is a popular TV series that is about Avatar and his friends trying to save the world from the Fire Lord. This series can be found on Netflix. A fan favorite in the show is Appa, a giant furry flying sky bison and Aang’s best friend. Recently, @charinakn on tik tok started an Appa bucket hat trend. The fuzzy hats sold out instantly and duplicates soon appeared on Etsy. A white fuzzy jacket and Appa bucket hat would make a cozy and cute combo. A necessary addition to the outfit is either a fuzzy mask, white mask or a redbubble mask of Appa’s mouth!

  7. 7.   Butterfly

    In the 90’s, Mariah Carey wore an iconic y2k sequin butterfly. The trend came back in style during the late summer. The top would create a stunning look that would perfectly match a sequin mask.

  8. 8. Zoom University Student

    While some may be attending in person or hybrid classes, others are attending Zoom University. Why not make your althleisure into a fun Halloween costume? Just like any University, Zoom University has apparel of all kinds, including face masks.

  9. 9. Other Options

    If you can’t find the mask you want, sewing them yourself (assuming you have the proper tools) isn’t too difficult. You could head to your nearest craft store and select the fabric you desire. Buying plain colored cloth masks and decorating them is also an easy no-sew idea. It is also good to note that Etsy and Redbubble have a wide variety of masks being sold. Also, various Halloween disposable masks are being sold on Amazon.

You can still enjoy Halloween while following COVID guidelines. A pandemic doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy Halloween, but it does mean that you should be conscious of others when doing so. A mask is a simple way to do so. Stay safe and Happy Halloween!