A Tribute to the Women I Love

I wanted to use this article as a space to highlight five of the women I love dearly in honor of International Women’s Day. Lately I’ve been contemplating love and friendship and how I can express my feelings. Writing is something I’m passionate about, so here are five paragraphs expressing my love for these five women.

TC: It had been a while since we last talked; perhaps it was in January. She had sent me cupcakes in February. And she read me poetry in March. Even as weeks turned into months, seasons changing in an ever-graceful way, she was still sparkling. Bejeweled, dazzling, brilliant her. I was staring at her eyes the whole time, swimming in her shades of aquamarine. As the poetry left her lips, my eyes closed. Surprised? No, it was astonishing. She wrote the most beautiful and eloquent poetry and all I could offer was praise. The way she put words together made me fall in love with the moon, the sun, and the stars that weren’t quite as radiant as her.

MJ: They say love always finds a way; I never believed it until her. Through ups and downs, she and I still managed to cross paths every time. Is it her realness, her sense of genuinity that beckons me closer? Perhaps is it her infectious laugh, her sense of adventure, or her candor. There’s a million reasons for me to fall in love with her, but the fact that it’s her is the only reason I’ll ever need.

SA: If I were to describe her, I would begin by imagining a warm summer day. The ice cream slowly melts off the cone, drop by drop, but at that moment it doesn’t matter because the sun feels warm on your skin and the grass is softer than any linen sheet. She feels like this moment: comforting and all too familiar. She’s a home, my place of refuge, nestled underneath a warming sun.

AD: Fireworks in a sky, stars on a clear night; I don’t think anything can compare to her smile. It isn’t enough to say she makes me happy. She kindles excitement within me. Not even the sun has her energy. She’s like an exciting dance; you know the steps before the music starts. Oh, how wonderful it would be to dance with her underneath the sky. 

MN: Her eyes are an electric blue. In the sunlight they shimmer like oceans, a pool straight from the Garden of Eden. It is her kindness, though, that shines the brightest. Her thoughtfulness makes me want to become a better person, and her hardworking and headstrong nature remind me of resilience. She is more powerful than she’ll ever know- a gift straight from the heavens.