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Traveling to Los Angeles Should Be on Your Bucket List & Here’s Why

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at MSU chapter.

Michigan State University had spring break towards the end of February this year. Only seven weeks into the semester, most students were finally back in the swing of things. Whether I liked it or not, I would have to put a pause on being an “academic weapon” until after the break. Instead of sulking with cloudy skies and chilling weather, I decided to book a last minute trip to visit Los Angeles. 

Now, you may be thinking, “you’re way too young to be traveling across the country by yourself.” And to that I would say you are correct. There is no way little ole me would survive out there. Luckily my sister is a local, so my lodging and transportation was taken care of. 

I didn’t visit most of the tourist attractions this trip, but I still had an amazing time. My trip reminded me how beautiful Los Angeles really is. Spending a week in my sister’s lifestyle was great, and I definitely took some tips back with me. If you get a chance, here are some places you should visit.

Hollywood Walk of Fame

Hollywood is known for its entertainment and celebrities. InHollywood, there are stars with actors and characters’ names planted on the sidewalks. Every year, the “Walk of Fame Committee” approves nominations of actors to add to the Walk of Fame. You can find stars like Brad Pitt, Scarlett Johansson, and even Shrek!

Santa Monica Pier

Santa Monica is home to the most popular beach in Southern California. The famous Santa Monica Pier has lots of tourist attractions, ranging from a small amusement park to live entertainment. Many locals perform, showing off their impressive talents. When you’re done checking out the Pier, stop by the beach and relax on the sand. I recommend watching the sunset on the beach, the sights are breathtaking!

Hollywood Sign and hike 

You can’t go to Los Angeles without visiting the famous Hollywood Sign! Why not get a good hike in and really feel one with nature? The hike to the actual Hollywood Sign is not for the weak, but if you’re up for a challenge I recommend it! For everyone else who just wants a good view of the Sign, they have many other mountains to hike! I recommend going on a clear day so you can see the Hollywood Sign clearly, if hiking further away. 

Universal Studios Hollywood

Universal Studios is a theme park containing America’s favorite movies and series. From Harry Potter to Despicable Me, there are many rides and thrills within the park. Get a chance to meet characters like Optimus Prime and Bumblebee, or even Shrek and Donkey. Visit the recently built Super Mario World to meet your favorite characters and shop for various collectables. Visit the Toadstool Cafe and choose from a variety of Mario themed dishes. Once you’re ready, head to “Mario Kart Bowser’s Challenge” to defeat Bowser in a race!

Crypto Arena and LA Live 

Are you a fan of basketball? The Los Angeles Clippers, Lakers, and Sparks play at the Crypto Arena! You can catch famous basketball player Lebron James at one of the Lakers games. If basketball isn’t your thing, you can watch the Los Angeles Kings play against a fellow NHL opponent. The Crypto Arena is known for hosting the annual Grammy Awards! The surrounding area is known as LA Live, which has many restaurants and shops all around! 

In and Out

In and Out is known as one of the biggest fast food chains in Southern California. They are known for having a “secret menu” that isn’t advertised at any of their locations, but can be found online. Their “animal style” fries and burgers, which are very popular, include a mustard fried patty, grilled onions, Thousand Island dressing, extra pickles, and a toasted bun. As of the writing of this article, In and Out only has locations in the West Coast, so why not try it while you’re there?

Easy Street Burgers 

Now you may be surprised by this last recommendation. Easy street burgers is a locally owned restaurant that wasn’t too well known before food critic Keith Lee gave his opinion. After trying a double bacon burger, Lee says, “In my opinion, this is the best burger I’ve ever had, let alone in LA.” After giving it a try for myself I would have to agree, Easy Street Burgers is a hidden gem in Los Angeles and I would recommend that all tourists give it a try. 

Los Angeles is a beautiful city with many different things to explore. Remember that the people in your group can really make or break your trip. Pick fun restaurants, beaches, and activities that you and your group will enjoy. Going to the Korean Barbeque with my siblings on my last visit really made the trip special. Even after, we went to an escape room and created priceless memories. Los Angeles will always have a special place in my heart, and I hope it will for you too.

Jayla Hall is starting up her first semester as a part of Her Campus. Hall is a freshman studying Nursing at Michigan State University. After school she plans to become a Travel Nurse in hopes of treating people around the world. In her free time Hall enjoys: writing, watching TV, playing video games, and spending time with friends and family.