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Top Six Charities to Donate to During the Holiday Season

During this time where we’re all dealing with many difficulties, we should always remember to give back to others. Donating to charities is very rewarding, and most of these charities depend solely on donations. Any help we can give is better than getting a material gift. Giving back during this particular time gives us a wonderful feeling, and giving back is equally as important as receiving. Here are a few charities to give back to this season:

Oxfam America Unwrapped

Oxfam America Unwrapped helps you give meaningful gifts to your family and friends while making a difference in the fight against poverty. Here, you will get to choose from five gift options: a sheep, a can of worms, a hundred trees, a bicycle, or a goat. Once you have chosen the gift, the recipient you have chosen receives a card, and the gift you chose helps someone in need.

Hope International

Hope International focuses on entrepreneurship in developing countries. Donations help individuals turn their talents, education, or skills into a sustainable business. Some of the gifts that are offered for these people include an oven or a bolt of fabric — it all depends on the person you are helping.

Better World Books

Better World Books is a program where young children pick out their own books and donate them to this charity. These books will be redistributed to kids around the world. In order to help them, you can search for a nearby drop-off box or mail a box of books to Better World Books headquarters. They usually recommend starting before the holiday rush, but in case your package misses the holidays, the book giveaway is great for any time of the year.

World Wildlife Fund

The WWF is directed to helping with global warming, environmental issues, and animals — what kid wouldn’t want to save an animal? The WWF has a feature on their website for kids and parents called “Wild Finder” that maps the world's animals. You can search by place or species and learn more about animals as well. When you donate, you get a  symbolic animal adoption, a WWF Endangered Species-of-the-Month Club membership, and handcrafted items that support sustainable livelihoods.

Pencils of Promise

Pencils of Promise is a nonprofit organization that brings education to kids around the world by building schools, training teachers, and mentoring students. They also want to inspire people to join their movement and spread the word about the need for education in other countries. You can donate by buying a t-shirt, a backpack, or help by spreading the word— $25 educates one child for a year!

Save the Chimps

Save the Chimps provides a permanent sanctuary for the lifelong care of chimpanzees rescued from research laboratories, the entertainment industry, and the pet trade. These rescued chimps live on three small islands in Florida — since they have lived in cages for most of their lives, Save the Chimps believes they should have space, freedom, and companionship. You can support the chimps by donating, providing food or medical care, or by “adopting” one of the chimps.

Hopefully, we can make others happy this holiday season despite the year we’ve all had. For some of us, it was very difficult, and we don’t know how people around the rest of the world have been affected. This holiday season, we should be grateful for all of the things and opportunities we’ve had in our past and give others the opportunity to fight for something they believe in and let them know that they can count on people like us. Let’s all make it a resolution to donate to more nonprofit charities and help those in need.

I am a sophomore from Puerto Rico going to Michigan State University to major in Psychology. My goal is obtain a phD in Neuropsychology or Clinical psychology and open my practice to help children and people who need help.
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