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My all-time favorite show is by no doubt Parks & Recreation! I absolutely love every bit of the show from Jerry being made fun for being a pathetic excuse of a human (I said what I said), Jean Ralphio being obnoxious at least a few times each season, and our favorite mini horse Lil Sebastian being his amazing Lil Sebastian self!! So let’s start with some of the best Parks & Rec Moments!

Season 4, Episode 12: Campaign Ad

Shoutout to that time when April and Andy went to the hospital and visited numerous specialists since Andy finally, for the first time in his life, had health insurance! He ended up having so many ailments!! And also he ended up not realizing how health insurance works (and ran into an ambulance whilst running from his medical bills). Rooting for you buddy!

Season 2, Episode 21: 94 Meetings

Anyone remember when April basically thought March 31st didn’t exist and scheduled all of the people calling to meet with Ron then? Yikes! Thankfully with the incompetence of Ann, Andy, and April (lol bye Jerry), he’s able to get through them. April makes sure to use June 50th the next time!

Season 2, Episode 1: Pawnee Zoo

Leslie marries two penguins and all hell breaks loose as she’s attacked by Marcia Langman (ew!) and becomes a newfound icon for the gay community! She tries to stay neutral, but ends up getting drunk at a gay bar and rapping in a perfect Leslie Knope style.

Season 5, Episode 4: Sex Education 

Tom ends up getting his phone taken away from him after it results in him getting into a texting and driving accident. He spends his week without a screen miserable and ends up attempting to cheat and get other devices, explaining his day with his phone etc. Eventually Tom realizes his addiction is a distraction to some bigger personal issues. 

Season 5, Episode 16: Bailout

Jean-Ralphio Saperstien is so obnoxious, but there’s somehow someone even more obnoxious than him: his twin sister Mona-Lisa Saperstien. She’s a nympho, pyro, and klepto all in one! She threatens to set the bathroom on fire when Tom tells her he needs her to work at his new business Rent-A-Swag. She’s the wooooooooorst!

Season 3, Episode 13: The Fight

This episode was just amazing! I love how the toxic rat poison (thanks Donna) that is Snake Juice makes everyone act up. Leslie and Ann get in a big fight over men, April and Andy get free stuff in sketchy ways and Tommy attempts selling a stinky perfume to Dennis Fienstien. 10/10 episode — I can’t even pick a moment!!

Season 4, Episode 11: The Comeback Kid

Anyone remember when Ben left his P&R job due to dating Leslie and got into a rough patch? Yeah! He makes a short (literally like two seconds) claymation and yeah… what he thinks is a masterpiece is depressing at best. Chris thankfully helps him get out of his slump. Thankfully, a year to two later Ben creates The Cones of Dunshire!

Overall, I listed some of my favorite moments from Parks & Rec, but these are just a few in the whole show. I mean there were seven seasons! Some of my other all time favorites are: when Jean-Ralphio fakes his death, when Tom lists his abbreviations for different foods, when Tom glamps, every time Jerry messes up, when Jerry has a fart attack, when Leslie forgets to invite Jerry to his own birthday, when Craig says pretty much anything, when Ron calls skim milk water lying about being milk, when April tells Ben to refer to her in the usted form solely and MUCH MUCH more!! I totally suggest rewatching the whole series over Thanksgiving. Parks & Rec is free on Peacock! Happy watching everyone!

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