Top 10 Halloween Movies

It is officially October which means it’s officially Spooky SZN!!

What better way to get into the spirit than to watch some spoooky movies?? Here’s my top 10 classic Halloween movies that you have to watch!



  1. 1. Hocus Pocus

    This is hands down my all time favorite Halloween movie. The Sanderson Sisters? Iconic.

  2. 2. HalloweenTown

    Another classic movie, this one holds a special place in my heart since it’s a Disney Channel movie. Highly recommended.

  3. 3. Nightmare before Christmas

    This one is for those who don’t like scary movies but still want to get into the spirit of Halloween.

  4. 4. The Addams Family

    This one is just a classic. You just need to see it. No explanation needed.

  5. 5. Edward Scissorhands

    Also a classic, this one of my favorite Johnny Depp movies. So if you like cute movies and Johnny Depp, this is for you!

  6. 6. Scooby Doo! 

    I personally loooove Scooby Doo— I think he is so goofy and hilarious. Highly recommend if you want to watch something funny and a little bit spooky.

  7. 7. Coraline

    This one is for those that like weird movies. Not going to lie— I only like this movie because of how weird it is. 

  8. 8. Halloween

    This is a classic scary movie for thrill seekers.

  9. 9. IT

    Now, don’t watch this if you’re scared of clowns. Or don’t like scary movies. Or don’t like jump scares. But if you do— this is a really good movie for you.

  10. 10. A Nightmare on Elm Street

    And finally, another classic. When I watched this, I didn’t want to go to sleep for three days. But eventually I did. Highly recommend if you like creepy movies.

Now that you have some recommendations, get some popcorn and blankets and happy watching!